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Images is of a group of students sitting on stairs at their high school. The students are the characters from HeartBreak High.

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Heartbreak High. Out now on Netflix

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Heartbreak High had me in happy tears the other night. Incredible representation of being Autistic and played by an Autistic actor, Chloe Hayden.

The interactions, the responses, the sensory exposure, the impending meltdown, pushing back against stigma, the retort* (ty Sia) … and just all of it …

I don’t watch a lot of shows with an Autistic character because it’s just so cringe – but this one is wow. Just wow. I’m so grateful this generation can grow up seeing an Autistic character played by an Autistic and actually keep the focus on them in the story, and not devolve into focusing on the parents and their woes and fears – but you do see the parents supporting the autistic person, Quinni, via text message in one scene. So relatable.

Huge difference in the character traits when the writers are exposed to the Autistic Community, and not just the autism community. Huge POV difference that matters greatly. I really love that they show the sensory overwhelm, the routine break-down, the masking, and pushing off an impending meltdown being triggered by a massive change in that routine. …

Also, the bestie, I love it. Quinni had sensory overload explosion at a party, and her friend knew exactly how to support her and create a safe space to decompress and revive. Reminds me of how Bill is with me. Real world stuff.

When I first started watching the series, I thought “Lazy Kebab” was akin to “Drunken Chicken” perhaps. Nope. It’s not. Not at all. 😂

Below are videos, blogs, reviews and views in regards to the series.


Eve Reiland

  • Note: Originally I used the words ‘clap back’ and have changed it to retort. I’ve learned this phrase is AAVE and have corrected my mistake and will do better going forward.

Autistic Netflix Actress Q & A

Chloe Hayden channels her anger at Sia into scriptwriting gold for Heartbreak High

By Jewel Topsfield @ The Sydney Morning Herald

Neurodiversity News: Heartbreak High Review

What The Heartbreak High Reboot Gets Right About Autism Representation

by Alicia Vrajlal @ Refinery29

They’re like, ‘You’re a young woman who knows how to speak and who can make eye contact and is doing OK for herself. You can’t be autistic, that’s not what my idea of autism is, therefore you cannot be autistic’.


Here’s Why Quinni Is Such An Important Character In Netflix’s Heartbreak High

By Jazmin Williams @ The Honey Pop

“The thing about Quinni is she is making history as one of, if not the first, most accurately portrayed autistic characters. Autism is widely misunderstood and misrepresentation is unfortunately all that Hollywood and the entertainment industry knows, making it incredibly difficult for autistic people to be able to enjoy any sort of entertainment featuring the portrayals, because they’re simply quite off the mark, and often can be offensive.” 

“This is the first time we’ve ever seen correct autism representation, ever. So incredibly important, I’ve waited my entire life for this representation.” 

Chloe Hayden

Heartbreak High has the best representation of autism I’ve ever seen

By Mitchell Adams @ The Sydney Morning Herald

At a time when singer Sia can write and direct a film loaded with stereotypes that reinforce society’s negative and inaccurate perception of people on the spectrum, the notion that young autistic people can see a character like Quinni on their screens isn’t just refreshing… it is life-saving.

Why Heartbreak High’s autistic queer representation is so groundbreaking

Protect Quinni at all costs.

By Charli Clement @ Digital Spy

“The exploration of queer relationships in Heartbreak High is revolutionary enough, where we are seeing a huge variety of diversity in sexuality and gender across its eight episodes, but Quinni and Sasha are not only exploring their queerness, they are also navigating each other’s differing neurotypes at the same time, something woefully missing from mainstream media.”

Autistic Representation in Netflix’s Heartbreak High

With Dana Andersen

Netflix’s Heartbreak High viewers are all praising the show for one reason

By Emily Gulla @ Cosmopolitian

“Chloé speaks openly about autism on social media, and she’s also the author of book ‘Different, Not Less’ on the topic. Appearing at the Netflix Heartbreak High premiere, she told viewers, “This is the first time we’ve ever seen correct autism representation, ever. So incredibly important, I’ve waited my entire life for this representation.” 

Heartbreak High Gets Autism Representation Right

Finally, entertainment media seems to be listening to the autistic community.

By The Autlaw @ Medium

I’ve Never Seen My Experience Represented Like This Before”: Fans Are Sharing The Meaningful Impact “Heartbreak High” Has Had On Them

Heartbreak High’s Quinni really gave me the autistic lesbian representation I have literally been looking for my whole life.”

by Isha Bassi @ Buzzfeed

The world is frothing for Australian Netflix hit Heartbreak High

By Wenlei Malk @

We NEED To Talk About Heartbreak High

With imuRgency

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