Cure Autism Now Parent Advisory Board as of June 1996

[Note: Shared for #AutisticHistory archive purposes. This is NOT An Autistic Ally.]

The CAN Parent Advisory Board

The CAN international parent board will monitor research efforts from around the world, circulate the latest findings among the scientific work group, and coordinate fundraising. CAN believes that it is the interaction between concerned parents and researchers in the field that will help keep motivation high and the pace of progress rapid. 

CAN Parent Advisory Board as of June 1996:

If a name is underlined, it means you can click on it to link to that person’s home page or send them e-mail. 

Northern California

 Richard Demirjian – Northern California

 Melinda Kotler – San Francisco

(San Francisco Bay Area CAN Chapter) 

Rick Rollens – Sacramento

(Also CAN Honorary Board Member) 

Southern California 

Diane Adams & Marianne Toedtman – Orange County

(Orange County CAN Chapter) 

Magdalena Del Olmo-Beltram – Glendale

(Chairman CAN Public Relations Committee) 

 Cindy Goldenberg – Laguna Beach 

 Lev Gonick – Pomona

 Hyman Katz & Julia Ting – Santa Monica

 Jonathan Kaunitz – Santa Monica

(Also CAN Scientific Work Group Member) 

 Sheldon Krasner & Nancy Ravner – Burbank 

 Ricki Robinson – La Canada

(Also CAN Scientific Work Group Member) 

Mary Seward – Los Angeles

(Fragile X Watch) 

Ken Sokolski – Southern California

(Also CAN Scientific Work Group Member) 

Lisa Szilagyi – Malibu

(Tuber Sclerosis Watch) 


 Shelly Stravitz – Atlanta

 Robert Tesh – Georgia


 Ellen Bolte – Illinois

(Chicago CAN Chapter)

(Also CAN Board Of Directors) 

New Jersey 

 Lisa Lewis – New Jersey

(NIH Watch)

WWW Page: Gluten and Casein Free Diets 

Ray Gallup – New Jersey

(NIH Watch) 

New York 

 Mary Coyle – New York City

(New York CAN Chapter) 

 Jean Curtain – New York 

 Alan and Karyn Friedman – Rochester

North Carolina

 Deborah Tritschler – Raleigh

 Dick Wicks – Raleigh

(Also CAN Scientific Work Group Member) 


 Nichole Shultz – Pennsylvania

 Linda Supowitz – Pennsylvania

 Mady Hornig-Rohan – Philadelphia

(Also CAN Scientific Work Group Member / Liason To Pharmeceutical Industry) 


 Lisa Boswell – Utah


 Teri McHugh – Canada


 Daniella Marian-Cerati – Italy

United Kingdom

 Brenda O’Reilly – United Kingdom

WWW Page: Allergy-induced Autism Support and Research Network 

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