Autistic Voices: Series of Essays on Hmong and Disability, Co-creating Autistic / ND Communities, Hypermobility Issues & More

Autistic & Divergent Voices

A Series of Essays on Hmong and Disability for Asian American Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month

This blog is originally part of Nancy Yang’s work as a Master’s student at CUNY School of Professional Studies. It is a series of essays on Hmong and disability, and it is an unfinished, ongoing piece of work based on ongoing community conversations in the Hmong disability movement. In what Nancy has written so far, they really focus on the theme of binaries within disability culture, such as the binary of “Western versus traditional” within Hmong disability discourse. …


Autistic theories of Autistic experience

With Damian Milton and Dinah Murray

Find here explainer videos about the two Autistic-derived theories of Autistic experience: Double empathy problem (Damian Milton), and Monotropism theory (Dinah Murray) …

Find more here >>

Co-creating Autistic / ND communities

By Jorn Bettin & Ulku Mazlum

The sickness of civilisation

The exploitative nature of our “civilised” cultures is top of mind for many neurodivergent people. In contrast, many neuronormative people seem to deal with the trauma via denial, resulting in profound levels of cognitive dissonance.


How the shame cycle barricades us from recovery

By David Gray-Hammond at Emergent Divergence

Emergent Divergence

They say in life that nothing is certain, but if anything is, then it’s the fact that shame will deny us entry into recovery. …


My Struggles With Executive Dysfunction

By AStrangerInGodZone

I’ve been thinking a lot about Executive Function Disorder. It’s mentioned frequently in the list of autistic co-occurring conditions, yet no-one really talks about it all that much. But it’s nonetheless one of the biggest problems for many of us.….


Why are our senses important? Hypermobility issues and autism/neurodiverse differences

By Autism Connected

There were 5 senses, smell, taste, sight, touch and sound then later when I started teaching followed by vestibular and proprioception senses. This was new, to us anyway, and we thought it was ground breaking.

Vestibular is akin to the astronaut landing back on Earth after travelling in space. Your sense of horizontal or vertical axis is offline so slightly defective. …


Autism is not a look or a behaviour. About enforcing ‘Masking’. 

By Ann Memmot at Ann’s Autism Blog

In the press, news that a team have found a way to give fewer diagnoses to autistic children.

“Autism therapy aimed at infants may reduce likelihood of later diagnosis: Study suggests tailored therapy could help some children develop social skills before school age”, reads the headline in the Guardian newspaper for example (20 September 2021).


We Don’t Have a Definition for Autistic Success Because We Only Talk About Autistic Struggles & Pain

Neurodivergent Rebel

Autistic people are so defined, especially by the medical industry, by our struggles, pains, deficits, and the hard parts in life. Often the joys, positive experiences, in our skills are completely ignored.…

Video and script here >>

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