Autistic Voices: From Mental Health And The Neurodiversity Paradigm To Autistic Burnout

Autistic & Divergent Voices

Mental health and the neurodiversity paradigm

By David Gray-Hammond at Emergent Divergence

When considering the landscape of mental health, we also have to consider the normalisation of stigma and the dehumanisation of those who are struggling.….



By Ann Borden at TPGA

As Chair of the Campaign Against Phony Autism Cures, I’m often asked whether a various type of autism therapy “works.” I answer with my own question: Is it kind?


In Let Me Be Me, the new documentary directed by Dan Crane and Katie Tabor, Annie Westfahl laments the long hours her younger brother Kyle spent in “the room,” receiving Son-Rise autism therapy as a young child in the 1990s. “My parents had Kyle working with these therapists to teach him how to make friends and tell stories and all this stuff,” she said. “And we’re like ‘he’s not going to learn how to make friends in a room with an adult. Full stop.’”


Autistic ways of being, trauma, and diagnosis


By  Jorn Bettin at Neuroclastic

Adults seeking a diagnosis of autism are often looking for an explanation of their lived experience, which often includes highly traumatic experiences, in many cases starting in childhood. Parents seeking a diagnosis for their child are typically driven by the fear that their child won’t be able to “succeed” in the competitive world of so-called educationjobs, careers, and social status


Mental Health: Focusing Beyond the Individual


By Max Taylor at Neuroclastic

This morning Facebook supplied yet another ad for me about mental health services. It was for a behavioral health hospital which was marketing itself as a trusted provider of effective help. 

Seeing that post triggered my continued struggle to declare, for myself and for at least some others, that these services sometimes aren’t effective. I wrote them a post, and it’s one of my favorite attempts to date trying to unpack and explain critiques of terms such as “health”, “behavioral issues”, and “effective”….


Transforming our understanding of autistic people – Perception of Pain & Distress in Others

Ann’s Autism Blog

In February 2022, a new publication was released for Criminal Justice teams, in the UK.

“Achieving best evidence in Criminal Proceedings: Guidance on Interviewing Victims and Witnesses, and Guidance on Using Special Measures”.

In it, a stark and concerning misdescription of autistic people, in my view: (page 38).

“…witnesses with autistic spectrum disorder..are likely to have little understanding of the emotional pain or problems of others…”

Certainly, in the 1940s, that was one of the original misunderstandings about autistic people. Let’s look at an up to date informal poll result, asking autistic people if they felt this was true, for them.  …


The Big Gag: Autism science and autistic heresy


By Anantha Krishnamurthy at Neuroclastic

What do many modern autism therapists and scientists have in common with the Renaissance-era Catholic church? They were both successful in stifling the truth using their enormous power. Let us postpone a discussion of autism and first focus on the dastardly deeds of the church.

Heliocentrism is the view that the sun is the centre of the universe with the earth revolving around the sun and spinning around its own axis. This is a proven truth today accepted by all but a fringe few. However, in the Renaissance era, this view led to a literal religious war.….


Functioning burnout: can’t stop, won’t stop


By Katie Munday (they / them) at Aucademy

So many of us Autistic folk struggle with burnout – the extreme fatigue which comes from sensorial, emotional and mental overwhelm.

This can cause us to shutdown – some of us can be in bed for days or weeks on end, incapable of functioning at our usual level of activity, finding everything mentally taxing.


Autistic Unmasking: How to Unlearn Trauma Responses

By Autistic Science Person

Masking is Subconscious and Pervasive

I’ve been wearing headphones around my neck everytime I go out, even just for in person meetings inside. Recently I was early for a meeting, someone came in and started talking quite loudly.

(Also read: Autistic Burnout Is More Than Burnout)


Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout

The Autistic Advocate

“Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout are two major components of an Autistic person’s life and the ones least understood.”

Autistic Masking (camouflaging) and Autistic Burnout play such an enormous role in the life of Autistic children and Autistic adults, yet they remain two of the most important aspects of an Autistic person’s life.

Both these areas have naturally, over time become my areas of real specialism and interest.  My work in these areas includes articles, published academic papers, academic research, videos, interviews and training.

In order to best support Professionals, parents and Autistic people – I’ve pulled together all my work, free and paid-for, on Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout in one place.  I’ve also sign-posted to important and relevant work on Autistic Masking and Autistic Burnout from other people in various formats.

Kieran, The Autistic Advocate


Shine On Autistic Union

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