#JRCSueMeToo | Autistic and Divergent Voices Taking A Stand With Neuroclastic Against The Judge Rotenberg Center’s Threat Of Lawsuit

The Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) recently threatened Neuroclastic, an Autistic-founded and led organization and publication, with a defamation lawsuit for using the word ’torture’ to describe their ‘therapy.’

The Autistic Community and real allies have risen against this bully (again and again) and are working to support Neuroclastic in spirit, advocacy and with donations to obtain legal counsel and defense. This is a small organization that is powered by Autistic volunteers. It is powered by Autistic voices and lived-experience. It’s powered by a world community that won’t stand down.

JRC might think they are taking on a small publication they can overpower and bully into silence … and if they do they are wrong. They are going against the worldwide Autistic community and our real allies – and all people who are against the abuse and torture of Autistic and disabled people.

We stand with the survivors.

We fight for those who are currently experiencing JRC’s torture.

We fight to prevent more people from being harmed at JRC.

We will not stand down.

I stand with Neuroclastic. So do many others. Below are just some of folks taking a stand with Neuroclastic against JRC as well.

You can find more than this by looking on social media for the tag #JRCSueMeToo as well.


Eve Reiland


Maria Scharnke: I’m an Autistic survivor of segregation, family violence, and systemic and institutional abuse. I call the Judge Rotenburg Centre a monolithic human rights violation, and “Torture Autistic Kids Central”. #JRCSueMeToo

Neuroclastic: Jennifer Msumba was at Judge Rotenberg Center and has a book about her experiences there that everyone should buy. This is an excerpt. Image description below in thread. #StopTheShock #JRCSueMeToo

Tania Melnyczuk #JRCSueMeToo: To the Judge Rotenberg Center: Please stop handpicking who you sue for calling you torturers. Sue us all. #JRCSueMeToo

Ann Memmott PGC: The centre that uses electric shock on autistic children, in the USA, is apparently now threatening autistic people for describing it using their own words. There’s a GoFundMe in the thread, for anyone who is able to donate to a legal fund to defend Neuroclastic.

Ellen Van Rhijn: To JRC, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” The use of electric shock devices = Torture #StopTheShock #JRCSueMeToo

Bella #StopTheShock: I 100% stand by @NeuroClastic about the JRC! The Judge Rotenberg Center have been abusing and torturing Disabled people for too long! They have electrically shocked us and abused us constantly! They are the ones crossing a line here! Time to fight! #JRCSueMeToo #StopTheShock

Kifah: why is it when we put electric collars on animals to teach them what not to do people cry out that it’s abuse it’s torture but when we do it to autistic children it’s a righteous teaching method to these pesky kids who can’t learn any other way? #JRCSueMeToo #StopTheShock

Jeremy Leochner: The Judge Rotenberg Center is trying to save itself by suing those who condemn it for electrocuting young children as punishment. Well JRC, bring it on. Sue us all. We will take you for all you’re worth. #JRCSueMeToo #StopTheShock #ActuallyAutistic

#ProtectTransKids: If I put a shock collar on my kids as a form of discipline I would be charged with child abuse. When the Judge Rotenberg Center does it to Autistic kids they call it a necessary behavioral therapy. #StopTheShock #JRCSueMeToo

Neurodivergent Liberation Coalition: We stand with @NeuroClastic against Judge Rotenberg Center @judgerc who use food deprivation, isolation, & brutal shock torture against high support needs neurodivergent people. We won’t be threatened and afraid of their gaslighting and abuse. #JRCSueMeToo

Emma: Six children have died under their “care”, others were left with burns and huge open sores, not to mention the emotional scars. Children were manipulated into displaying behaviours so they could “correct” them #JrcSueMeToo #StopTheShock

Hermit Thrush: The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture officially condemned the JRC in 2013 for their use of electric shocks. Yet the JRC is suing #NeuroClastic for calling it what it is. #JRCSueMeToo and also sue #UnitedNations, apparently…

Jillian Lindsay:

Any time you’re caught biting your nails you’ll receive a “mild” shock. You’re working on a particularly difficult math equation, and unconsciously start biting your nails as you’re concentrating, you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

More With #JRCSueMeToo

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