‘Autism Parents’ Involved In Crisis Intervention Training: Stop Harming Autistics With Your Misinformed Advocacy

Eve Reiland

If you’re an ’Autism Parent’ speaking to law enforcement and first responders in Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) about Autistics and you talk about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – you have failed all Autistics, including your child, and increased our likelihood of harm and death in these situations.

Stop it.

If you are any person working with Crisis Intervention Training and you don’t mention our actual statistics on mental health, incredibly high suicide rates and abuse rates — you’ve failed all Autistics, and created an environment even more toxic and dangerous to manage in a crisis situation. While you all are patting each other on the back on a job well done, you’ve caused us more harm than good. Again.

Stop it.

If you speak about Autistics as a non-Autistic to other non-Autistics about crisis intervention and don’t mention masking, burnout and an average death age of 36 due to these — you’ve failed all Autistics. Again.

Stop it.

If you speak about stimming, our diet, and personal parenting experiences and don’t share that Autistics have different signs and traits for suicide ideation, you’ve failed all Autistics yet again.

Stop it.

If you speak about Autistic people without us in Crisis Intervention Training … you’re getting it wrong, and we’re the ones that suffer the harm and fallout. We’re the ones that die for it.

Stop it.

“If you are NOT speaking to INTERSECTIONALITY and how race affects ALL of this, then you are also part of the problem.

Stop it. And you are upholding oppressive/VIOLENT colonizer norms.”
(Via Asiatu Lawoyin – TY for adding this.)

Include Autistics in this work. Otherwise, you are getting us killed.

Need Information On Autistics? Connect With The Autistic Community

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