Press Release: Judge Rotenberg Center Threatens NeuroClastic with Defamation Suit | #JRCSueMeToo


Note: The Judge Rotenberg Center has threatened Neuroclastic with a defamation lawsuit. Find out more at Neuroclastic (links below) and if able, please support their gofundme page.

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JRC History

Bearing Witness, Demanding Freedom: Judge Rotenberg Center Archive by Lydia X. Z. Brown.

Press Release: Judge Rotenberg Center Threatens NeuroClastic with Defamation Suit

Take Action: Help protect Neuroclastic’s Advocacy!

by Greg Santucci

Neuroclastic is an AUTISTIC-LED nonprofit organization that is a strong advocate for neurodivergent people. The resources provided on Neuroclastic’s webpage and social media provide an incredible resource to those looking to educate themselves about autism, neurodiversity and appropriate supports for neurodivergent individuals. Neuroclastic is being wrongly attacked by lawyers of the Judge Rotenberg Center, a school in Massachusetts that is no stranger to controversy for its use of skin shocks on neurodivergent people.

While they assert that “skin shocks” to human beings is “legal,” there has been, and continues to be, legislation and other efforts to stop this practice. This is yet another attack on the Autistic community from those who refuse to see the lack of humanity in their interventions.

Neuroclastic is correct to call out these awful practices. To silence Neuroclastic is to also silence the individuals who are receiving this intervention. We stand in unwavering support of Neuroclastic’s mission to protect neurodivergent individuals and educate the public about best practices for neurodivergent individuals, so we ask for your support to help her fight back against an organization, and their attorneys, who continue to defend using skin shocks on vulnerable human beings. Please help in whatever way you can.

900 ABA Professionals Have Weighed In On The Use of Electroshock At Judge Rotenberg Center

Judge Rotenberg Center: A History Of Torture

by National ADAPT

Shine On Autistic Union

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