In The News | Black, autistic and out of prison, Matthew Rushin becomes an advocate | April 30, 2022

The Washington Post

Black, autistic and out of prison, Matthew Rushin becomes an advocate

The 23-year-old from Virginia Beach is talking about his experience in the hope that it will help others

Perspective by Theresa Vargas at The Washington Post

Read the article here >>

Note: This is a very important read and also has a short documentary to go with it as well. I’m so glad Matthew was able to go home finally.

We need far more education for law enforcement and they need to connect to the Autistic community to get it right.

Right now there are many parents involved with Crisis Intervention and Law Enforcement, but not Autistics. This is very dangerous because many of them are getting it so wrong … and don’t have clue how they’re harming us with their brand of advocacy.

What they don’t understand gets us killed, arrested and more.

Law enforcement needs a far better education on Autistic people. Parents of Autistics need an education on how interact with law enforcement, and so do Autistics. We need to learn how to protect ourselves in this situation as well.

It’s also my opinion we need a translator when being questioned by investigators and officers. A translator that understands the culture, social, and communication differences of Autistics – preferably divergent themselves.

— Eve Reiland

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