Autism Speaks Sponsor: TJ Maxx | #NotAnAutisticAlly

TJ Maxx: Not An Autistic Ally

TJ Maxx has partnered with Autism Speaks since 2004.

Each year, TJ Maxx hosts an in-store puzzle piece fundraising campaign and their employees are encouraged to participate and donate themselves. Customers at the register are asked if they’d like to donate to autism research. TJ Maxx is also a sponsor of Boston’s Walk Now for Autism Speaks event.

Autism Speaks board member, Holly Robinson Peete created a clothing line for T.J. Maxx in 2011. This is an insult of a non-Autistic person creating Autistic fashion for non-Autistic people. Fashion and style is an area that has been co-opted by non-Autistics and is directed at parents, professionals and loved ones of an Autistic. Autistics aren’t included and aren’t the targeted market. named TJ Maxx as a Corporate Hero for their work with Autism Speaks in 2013. In their decision-making on this ’hero’ no Autistics were included. Autistics have been protesting TJ Maxx’s affiliation with Autism Speaks since 2004. This corporation is very aware that Autistics have asked them to stop harming us and end their partnership with Autism Speaks – and yet they persist.

To date, TJ Maxx has raised more than $30 million for Autism Speaks.

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