Autism Fashion Is Weaponized Against Autistic People

Eve Reiland

This is Autistic fashion weaponized against Autistics – not support and not inclusion. Autistic fashion is made by non-Autistic people and marketed to non-Autistic people at Autistic people’s expense.

Autistics are excluded in all areas from design to sales, and the fashion isn’t even meant for us, but our parents, families and other non-Autistic people.

The language non-Autistic parents and others were encouraged to adopt … excluded Autistics completely. Parents of Autistics have been encouraged to co-opt the autism identity for themselves. As an Autistic mom to Autistic kids, I’m utterly excluded in this market as well.

Autistic fashion created with Autistics in mind is usually for very young children. Autistics of all ages have sensory and other adaptations needed. The few that do focus on clothing for Autistic and disabled people are connected to these organizations. (Tommy Hilfiger for one, also an Autism Speaks & NEXT for Autism board member.)

Adding insult to injury, Autism fashion is HORRIBLE fashion.

H – O – R – R – I – B – L – E.

“Autism fashion” makes up some of the ugliest style I’ve ever witnessed in clothing. Non-Autistics wear this ‘style’ in matching colors often to fundraise for parent-centered and problematic autism organizations. These organizations that have excluded autistics for generations now. These are the very same organizations Autistics have been fighting for human, civil and disabled rights. We’ve been fighting their idea of ‘help’ being eugenics and cure-based mentalities. In 2022, we’re still fighting to be heard.

This type of ‘autism fashion’ is connected to autism organizations that have harmed Autistics, circumvented Autistic adults in their research, excluded us from representation in legislation and more.

Autistic fashion is weaponized against Autistics – this is not support and this is not inclusion of Autistics. It’s a constant reminder of how these organization have divided Autistics from the people who do want to support us, and weaponized them against us. I blame the autism organizations that excluded Autistics for establishing this culture, cultivating it, and then using it against Autistics to further their agenda for us and without us.

This year, looks like Walmart is included adding yet another insult for Autistic customers to manage during April. This is done to attract non-Autistic customers who know an Autistic – this is not fashion aimed at Autistics.

I’m tracking down the Autism Speaks/problematic autism orgs links to Walmart (and yes they exist) and will share more on it soon.

Autistic fashion is for Autistic people. Pass it on.


Eve Reiland

#ActuallyAutistic #AutisticFashion #BadFashion

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