Autism Speaks Partner: FedEx | #NotAnAutisticAlly #BanABA

FedEx: Not An Autistic Ally


FedEx has partnered with Autism Speaks since 2011.

FedEx has underwritten the printing costs for the “Autism Speaks 100-Day Kit” and their “Asperger’s Syndrome/High Functioning Adult Autism Kit.” These kits are available to parents when their child is diagnosed as Autistic. These kits are a very effective marketing tool to promote Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as an ’autism therapy.’

ABA is known as Autistic Conversion Therapy in the Autistic Community. This therapy has been proven repeatedly to not work, and it is evidence-based to cause PTSD in Autistics.

FedEx has also been the title sponsor for the FedEx 400 Benefiting Autism Speaks NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Dover International Speedway. The event has promoted an ’autism friendly environment’ featuring comfortable indoor seating, a quiet zone, and muted lighting for Autistic race fans.

While this “quiet room” might be a great accommodation, let’s hold the kudos until this type of access is available in Autistic healthcare including emergency services, doctor’s offices and other vital spaces and places. For all the ’sensory friendly’ spaces marketed each April to promote an event or shopping day, the basics like access to healthcare has yet to be established. This blocks many Autistics from access to vital services causing harm to their health even with life-threatening medical conditions.

“FedEx has the unique opportunity to help support the mission of Autism Speaks as the official sponsor of the FedEx 400 at Dover International Speedway,” said T. Michael Glenn, executive vice president of Market Development at FedEx. 

“Joining forces for a great cause is a win for both racing fans and supporters of the important work of Autism Speaks.  We are extremely proud of Denny and the #11 FedEx Racing team and are also incredibly proud of the commitment to charity that is a hallmark of FedEx and our team members worldwide.”

Apparently, according to T. Michael Glenn (also an Autism Speaks board member since 2008), this joining of forces is a win for everyone … except Actually Autistics.

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