Autism Speaks Partner: Sprouts Farmers Market | #NotAnAutisticAlly

Sprouts Farmers Market: Not An Autistic Ally

Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market has partnered with Autism Speaks since 2011. Doug Sanders is the President and CEO of the company, and is a parent of an Autistic.

Sprouts stores have participated in the Autism Speaks Puzzle Piece campaign to raise funds and awareness of local autism service providers. Autism service providers utilize Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), known as Autistic Conversion Therapy in the Autistic Community. This therapy has been repeatedly proven to not work and to cause PTSD in Autistics.

Sprouts Farmers Market also marketed to parents of Autistics that believed the autism myth about the GFCF diet reducing their child’s Autistic traits. Sprouts Farmers Market even spoke to the anecdotal ‘evidence’ of a ’profound health problem in our society’ in their November 2011 newsletter.

This was more than just a ‘cause marketing’ effort. It’s something we believe in from the bottoms of our hearts — in part because the President of Sprouts, Doug Sanders, has a son who has been diagnosed with autism, but also because of the reported links between diet and autism (either as cause or as part of a targeted treatment regimen).

We are deeply moved by the letters and emails that we get from customers who express their appreciation for our dedication to selling gluten-free and other special diet products. And there have been more of these letters every month — further evidence of a profound health problem in our society.”

The reference to diet as the cause of autism, or as part of a targeted autism treatment regimen, echoes DAN! doctors, Autism One, and TACA-style autism propaganda.

Sprouts Farmers Market is aware that Autistics protest their support of Autism Speaks and the harm they cause in Autistic healthcare and our lives.

In addition to supporting the Puzzle Piece campaign, Sprouts is also a key corporate sponsor for Autism Speaks’ national signature fundraising and awareness event, Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Sprouts’ local Walks take place in Arizona, Orange County California, Houston, Oklahoma and Colorado.

Sprouts Farmers Market has also received grants from Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program. Through Autism Speaks’ Neighborhood Grant Program, funds raised in each state from the Puzzle Piece campaign will be awarded to eligible autism service providers in the community. This means the community support is all about supporting ABA services – not Autistic people.

MoveOn Petition to Doug Sanders, President and CEO of Sprouts Farmers Market

See petition here >>

Doug Sanders, President/CEO of Sprouts, is the father of a child with autism and a major supporter of Autism Speaks. My 21 year old autistic daughter would like the chance to tell him why supporting Autistic Speaks hurts people with autism.

Why is this important?

I have autism, so does my daughter and so does my nonverbal brother. I want the world to know that Autism Speaks raises a lot of money in the name of autism, without respecting us or including us as part of their organization.

Co-founder Suzanne Wright’s recent post, “This is Autism” was especially offensive to myself and the millions of families like us. Psychology Today, Forbes, The Arc, Autism Society of America have joined individuals and families in solidarity against Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks major supporter Doug Sanders is the President/CEO of a grocery chain that has a store in my neighborhood.

My daughter, and maybe a couple of her friends, would like the chance to meet with him and show him that autistic young people are pretty wonderful, capable individuals and not the monsters or hopeless types that Autism Speaks makes them out to be. I need your help to make that happen.

Cinder McDonald

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