Autism Speaks Partner: The Home Depot | #NotAnAutisticAlly

[Note: Shared for #AutisticHistory archive purposes. This is NOT An Autistic Ally.]

The Home Depot

The Home Depot has been a partner of Autism Speaks since 2011. The store participates in the “Light It Up Blue” Autism Speaks awareness campaign for National and World Autism Awareness Month every April.

Home Depot makes “Light It Up Blue” light bulbs available each year for purchase with a portion of the sale going to Autism Speaks.

Bernie Marcus is a founder of The Home Depot, and a founding family friend of Autism Speaks. Marcus help launch Autism Speaks with a $25 million dollar donation on start up to help find the cause and cure of autism. He was an active board member of Autism Speaks.

Home Depot offers Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services to their employee’s through their insurance and benefits programs OrangeLife. ReThink, an ABA company, touts The Home Depot as one of their success stories.

Catherine Lord and Bridget Taylor are on the ReThink Scientific board.

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