Autism Awareness Month is ABA Awareness Month

When the National Autism Awareness Month was enacted … Autism Awareness = Autistic Stigma & ABA. It’s written right into the autism awareness proclamation or whatever they call it, back in 2012.

Here’s what I see (the text I’m deconstructing is below):

  1. Designates April as National Autism Awareness Month
  2. Recognizes and commends parents and families of Autistics with a lip service mention of Autistic individuals.

A. Comes really close to calling Autism an epidemic, but stops short. For the record, there was never an autism epidemic. It was a marketing spin by autism orgs.

B. It talks about education and employment of Autistics — but really, it is about ABA being integrated with those services.

C. Services that parents are desperate for is and have inadequate access … another push for ABA.

  1. And now we have early intervention … again, ABA.
  2. My experience is these transition services (like through regional centers and ARC) automatically include ABA in their programs and without notification or consent. Services without that component, I haven’t found available yet. So effectively for my Autistic children, these services are harmful and trauma causing, not a help. Yet, without ABA – where’s our services?
  3. These are still very much a pressing need and reducing harm by removing ABA from these services is imperative.
  4. It’s saying with ABA, I can be a tax-paying productive citizen otherwise there’s no hope for me or my Autistic kids. BTW, ABA doesn’t work. It never did. If real Autistic healthcare existed when I needed it, then I’d still be a tax-paying citizen now. ABA is not real healthcare for Autistics.

So Autism Awareness Month here in the states was enacted with ABA at the core. It was enacted with burden narrative. It was enacted with absolute myth about ABA — they called it general consensus – for the record, that’s the opinion of parents and others – not actual evidence-based science.

The ‘evidence’ says it doesn’t work. It was promoted that it worked in 5 – 10% of Autistic children in 2006. Later in 2007, Bob Wright testified it works in about 50% of Autistic children – and without it there was no hope. The evidence has always showed ABA doesn’t work. But because it was our society’s only hope to not be burden with so many Autistic adults … it went through legislation to force insurance companies to cover it.

Now we have a generation of Autistics suffering PTSD from it. That’s evidence-based.

So when I say Autism Awareness = ABA awareness, this is literally what I mean.


(1) expresses support designating April 2012 as National Autism Awareness Month;

(2) recognizes and commends both individuals living with autism and the parents and relatives of those individuals for the sacrifice and dedication in providing for the special needs of autistic individuals and for absorbing financial costs for specialized education, medical clinical interventions, and support services;

(3) recognizes that—

(A) autism is a major public health crisis that is taking an enormous toll on millions of families who need answers that can come only through further research;

(B) meeting the education, employment, and service-provision needs of individuals on the autism spectrum is a clear and compelling public policy issue that requires a rapid national response; and

(C) individuals and families are desperate to access services that are, at this point, inadequate to meet the current and growing needs of individuals with autism;

(4) stresses the need to begin early intervention services soon after a child has been diagnosed with autism, noting that there is a strong consensus that intensive treatment as soon as possible following diagnosis can significantly improve cognitive functioning, language, and adaptive behavior, reduce the cost of lifetime care, and yield the most positive life outcomes for children with autism;

(5) recognizes—

    (A) the importance of assistance in the areas of comprehensive early intervention,    health, recreation, job training, employment, housing, transportation, and early, primary, and secondary education; and

    (B) that with access to, and assistance with, this type of service and support, individuals with autism can live rich, full, and productive lives;

(6) recognizes that services for transitioning youth and adults with autism are an especially pressing need, as are services that enhance the safety of individuals with autism of any age; and

(7) recognizes that by providing adequate service and support at crucial points in life, adults with autism can become tax-paying citizens with productive and rewarding lives.

ActuallyAutistic deserve real healthcare.

#AutismAwareness is #ABAAwareness


Autistic people have fought the inclusion of ABA in therapy for us since before Autism Speaks, and other non-Autistic-led autism organizations, started lobbying legislation to get it covered by insurances and Medicaid. 

ABA is a myth originally sold to parents that it would keep their Autistic child out of an institution. Today, parents are told that with early intervention therapy their child will either be less Autistic or no longer Autistic by elementary school, and can be mainstreamed in typical education classes. ABA is very expensive to pay out of pocket. Essentially, Autism Speaks has justified the big price tag up front will offset the overall burden on resources for an Autistic’s lifetime. The recommendation for this therapy is 40 hours a week for children and toddlers.

The original study that showed the success rate of ABA to be at 50% has never been replicated. In fact, the study of ABA by United States Department of Defense was denounced as a failure. Not just once, but multiple times. Simply stated: ABA doesn’t workIn study after repeated study: ABA (conversion therapy) doesn’t work. 

What more recent studies do show: Autistics who experienced ABA therapy are at high risk to develop PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions. Historically, the autism organizations promoting ABA as a cure or solution have silenced Autistic advocates’ opposition. ABA is also known as gay conversion therapy.

The ‘cure’ for Autistics not born yet is the prevention of birth. 

The ‘cure’ is a choice to terminate a pregnancy based on ‘autism risk.’ The cure is abortion. This is the same ‘cure’ society has for Down Syndrome. 

This is eugenics 2021. Instead of killing Autistics and disabled children in gas chambers or ‘mercy killings’ like in Aktion T4, it’ll happen at the doctor’s office, quietly, one Autistic baby at a time. Different approaches yes, but still eugenics and the extinction of an entire minority group of people.

Fact: You can’t cure Autistics from being Autistic.

Fact: You can’t recover an Autistic from being Autistic.

Fact: You can groom an Autistic to mask and hide their traits. Somewhat. … however, this comes at the expense of the Autistic child, promotes Autistic Burnout (this should not be confused with typical burnout, Autistic Burnout can kill Autistics), and places the Autistic child at high risk for PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions.

[Note: Autism is NOT a disease, but a neurodevelopmental difference and disability.]

Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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