The Autism Speaks Influence Network & Healthcare Monopoly That Silences And Harms Autistics Today

The Autism Speaks Influence Network is a project I started last year that follows the rise of parent-founded autism organizations in the States, and what that monopoly looks like today.

Well, actually, this project has been in the works for far longer than that but figuring out how to show it was going to take more than post-it notes strategically placed on the wall or a Venn diagram. This network is so vast I had to figure out a way to show what I was seeing (yes, I literally see my thoughts) and so I went with what I know best and built some archives online to keep Autistic history available and searchable for Autistics and real allies. And as a way to share in a way others might understand the network and patterns I see.

The archives at this point are vast and I’m still far from being done on the project I had hoped to have finished in time for this April – but truth be told there’s probably another year or two of work at my pace to get this closer to complete.

In saying that, there’s still soooo much already there and I’ve started creating the Autism Speaks Influence Network lists – with names linking to their archive on the site. Yesterday, I added at least 100 names to these lists and there’s still so many more to go. So these lists will be updated until they are complete. But for now here’s what is available ….

The Autism Speaks Influence Network:

Founding Family & Friends

Board Members Via Mergers & Board Members, Advisors & Staff

Celebrity Influencers

Media Influencers

Autism Organizations & Groups, Networks & Initiatives

Corporations & Companies

Organizations & Foundations

Scientists & Professionals

There are more categories being created and launched soon too, including autism centers, universities and hospitals in Autism Speaks Influence network as well.


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Dear Celebrities: If You Want To Support Autistics, Then The Time Is Now To Stop Silencing Us & Listen Up

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