Discrimination, dehumanization, minimization, vilifying, Autistic slurs and hate speech in the name of ‘autism awareness’ month | Eve Reiland #ActuallyAutistic

Eve Reiland

It’s that time again — Discrimination, dehumanization, minimization, villifying, name calling Autistics and hate speech in the name of ‘autism awareness month.’

There are three historical tactics used against disability rights activists, including Autistic activists, to deny our voices as being important in all matters than pertain to us.

Swiftly those are:

  1. Denial
  2. Not * Enough
  3. Too * To Have A Voice

Asterisks in this case go like: “You’re Not Autistic, You’re Not Autistic Enough, or You’re Too Autistic To Have A Voice.” Similarly: ”You’re not disabled, you’re not disabled enough, or you’re too disabled to have a voice.” This is hate speech in case you didn’t recognize it.

The categories of (1) Denial, (2) Not Autistic Enough, and (3) too Autistic to have a voice, are the only options allowed the Autistic Community by the “autism community.” And wow, they are bringing the hate in waves this year. And you know what, it’s all powered by their marketing budgets. It’s all done by literally leveraging their non-autistic networks with non-Autistic people against Autistics to silence us … yet again.

The power of population is on these autism organizations’ sides. We are Autistic and going up against Non-Autistics for our human, civil and disabled rights they blatantly refuse to respect. Remember how many Autistics are born today? Still our population is tiny compared to the non-Autistic population and these orgs have weaponized non-Autistics against us. Just look around, where you see Light It Up Blue, that’s them not us. Everywhere an ’autism parent’ sees blue, they see hope. Every time I see it, as an Autistic and parent to Autistics, .. I hear the bell toll.

These parent-powered orgs push out their favorite parent advocates who can amazingly pop a single tear on cue and garner that pity of the masses that drives donations and subscriptions so well.

So yes, the VERY autism organizations that ‘help autistics’ are spreading tidal waves of hate down on all Autistics right now because they are losing their grip on the narrative, and feeling power and control over their monopoly on Autistics slip. Slip. Slipping away.

This change is brought by decades of activism by the Autistic community and our REAL allies. These parent-founded orgs are fighting hard to protect their influence and control on the narrative to keep autism research directed to their projects of interest. So they’re creating hate waves that are already affecting Autistic lives in places like the emergency room, school, and more.

Actually Autistic are being referred to as ‘spoiled brats’ by parent-founded autism organizations and their founders and cult of followers are dog piling now. It’s brutal out there … and yet …

My Autistic children aren’t spoiled brats, and they were raised to be self-advocates in every way possible. That Autism Speaks, Autism Science Foundation, Next For Autism and NCSA ”ambassadors” and more are tearing down Autistic youth, autistic teens, autistic young adults, middle-aged autistics, and elder autistics for advocating for better than the hell they’ve given us. These same ‘autism ambassadors’ are attacking non-Autistic parents of Autistics that don’t parrot to their autism lobbying agenda too.

They say Autistics that can type aren’t ‘autistic enough’ to have a voice in Autistic healthcare, legislation, autism initiatives and more. We’re told that we should want a cure for those who have many support needs than the ‘barely affected’ autistics.

We’re vilified for wanting real, actual and comphrensive Autistic healthcare created with our lifespans and developmental timelines in mind. We’re called names and slurs because we don’t want a healthcare system and our supports created with our cure, prevention of birth, or conversion in mind. How selfish of us for wanting real Autistic healthcare for all Autistics, eh?

These orgs lament eugenics isn’t the goal, but are using the same databases and initiatives they’ve always done – that specifically stated prenatal diagnosis as a goal on inception – but that language has now been ‘erased’ and a different marketing slant put on it and a fancy name like MSSNG.

When will people stop believing their lies? Autistics literally don’t have the population to compete with the non-Autistics speaking over us. We don’t have the privileges these autism organizations and their founders lord over us. We are worthy of better than this for #AutisticHealthcare. Far better. So even with the lack of equity, power, privilege and influence networks, Autistics are getting heard and we’re not standing down. Ever.

Who out there hears us?

We could use your support and help to boost Autistic voices this month. We could use more REAL allies.

And remember, how they treat Autistic adults now is how your child will be treated when they’re an adult too. The hardships we face out here are real, brutal and it’s my sincere hope the next generation born will never have to experience this discrimination, and there will be far better understanding of Autistics. And at this point, I hope there is another generation of Autistics born. If these autism organizations get their way, there won’t be another generation of Autistics born ever again.


Eve Reiland


From Jim Sinclair | Any attempt by a group of disempowered people to challenge the status quo has been met by remarkably similar efforts to discredit them.

The discrediting tactics used most frequently are:

1) If at all possible, to deny that the persons mounting the challenge are really members of the group to which they claim membership. This tactic has been used against disability activists with learning disabilities and psychiatric disabilities as well as against autistic people. As people with these disabilities often look “normal” and … many of us have been told that the very fact that we are able to express ourselves, object to the ways our freedom has been restricted or our rights violated, and demand change proves that we cannot truly be autistic, or learning disabled, or psychiatrically impaired.

2) If there is incontrovertible evidence that the activists are members of the affected group, to aver that they are rare exceptions who are so unlike typical members … that what they have to say is irrelevant to the group as a whole.

3) If it is not possible to deny that the activists are authentic representatives, … to appeal to the very prejudices and stereotypes the activists are seeking to overturn, and use those prejudices and stereotypes to claim that the activists are incapable of fully understanding their situations and knowing what is best for them. Often this approach incorporates the belief that disabled people need to have their freedom restricted for their own good, to protect them from coming to harm through their inability to act in their own best interests.

3 responses to “Discrimination, dehumanization, minimization, vilifying, Autistic slurs and hate speech in the name of ‘autism awareness’ month | Eve Reiland #ActuallyAutistic”

  1. Beautiful. Keep up the good work Eve.

    Strange how all of this is so easy to reflect, yet is caused by the very people who expect the world to sympathise with them and support them. What’s strange is that all they have to do, is acknowledge that there are many definable communities of actually autistic people and that their severely disabled and vulnerable children are a separate thing to us.

    So why not leave us alone? How can you and I detract from the message that the families of the disabled always need help and support? How?

    Just because people appear to get more visible attention it does not mean that the world mysteriously forgets about severe disability, let alone those labelled ‘autistic’ as an explanation. It is pure paranoia behind all that you observe. Childish.

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  2. What about the time I tried to help someone’s child by suggesting something that had helped me and saying it might be helpful for the other autistic person, only to be told, “You autistics generalize about everyone on the spectrum.” See if you can pick out everything wrong with that declaration.

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