Parent-founded and problematic autism organizations, healthcare, education, services and supports are weaponized against Autistics | April 1, 2022

Eve Reiland

Note via Eve Reiland:

And so begins ‘the month’ for #ActuallyAutistic. This is a very difficult month for Autistics to endure worldwide.

Parent-founded and problematic autism organizations, healthcare, education, services and supports are weaponized against Autistics. Even our families are weaponized against us if they are part of the big autism community and believe the marketing and propaganda. Everywhere we turn this month, are the people cheering for ‘autism awareness’ but only when the spotlight centered on parents of Autistics who aren’t connected to the Autistic community.

While the world cheers for helping those Autistic kids and ‘light it up blue’, they are supporting the ‘cure’ for our non-existence, they’re celebrating Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – conversion therapy that causes PTSD – being covered by insurance companies, they are celebrating the accomplishments they won in our name while excluding us from being involved.

They did all of this while we Autistics protested their involvement in our healthcare, our education, our supports, our services and even basic understanding in our families, with our loved ones and more.

When you #LIUB you’re supporting parent-founded autism organizations that have circumvented Autistic adults in representation in legislation. You’re supporting autism organizations that formed a monopoly on our lives and at our expense.

You’re celebrating autism organizations that leveraged their privilege, power and networks to silenced Autistics. They used their power to gaslight parents of Autistics and, while they circumvented adults, did almost all autism research on children instead.

When you #LIUB you’re supporting the oppressors of Autistic people – and someday your autistic child will be an adult – and the ‘hope’ for a cure won’t have worked. Your Autistic baby will become an Autistic child, an Autistic teenager and an Autistic adult. They will live, breath and always be Autistic. They will die Autistic – without appropriate services, help, and support. Can you accept that?

Parents of Autistics: Do you really want to celebrate the organizations and people who’ve harmed us so greatly in ways you can’t fathom yet? Are you ready to listen to Autistics and the horror stories of what it’s like when we’re all grown up and our parents aren’t here? Because we know that truth so brutally well. We live it.

Autistics know what it is to live when our family support systems die or disappear. It looks like poverty, homelessness, and incarceration as care. It looks like abuse, often by our caregivers and people who have power over our lives. It looks like an early death on average by 35 by suicide.

Autistics know the truth so brutally well, and when our families and loved ones are gone (some long before their deaths because they can’t accept their autistic child never ‘recovered’ to pass as NT) and what it means to survive on the systems never designed with our lifespans in mind — but created with our cure in mind – it’s brutal.

And the money people are going to make off of Autistics this month … the money they make off of us every year — if we get heard, that stops. So remember this, the billions and billions that run the Autism market are due to these parent organizations influence — while Autistics are left to suffer.

Everyone is cashing in — but Autistics. Again.

Autism Speaks and pals, called us an epidemic, a tsunami, a national disaster and said we Autistics would bankrupt the world if our continued to population increased. All they did was get a better count of us — and then played it like a pandemic.

They used celebrities to razzle and dazzle – they even testified and took the place of Autistics to get autism legislation passed.

What is happening to Autistic adults now — will happen to your Autistic child. We have generations of proof now.

Autistics, we #LightItUpGold or go #RedInstead and use the infinity symbol for life — not the puzzle piece for our eradication and the ‘cure.’

Autistics worldwide – we’re together in this fight — this isn’t an organization vs an organization. This is a human, civil and disabled rights fight of a world population. This fight is being fought by multiple generations of Autistics now. We will be heard and continue to be heard — we will NEVER stop fighting for the future of Autistics born today.

Every fight we win today – is one they don’t have to fight tomorrow.

Autism Speaks and cohorts — they predicted and Autism Pandemic would occur right about now — and they’re right. They’re absolutely right. … Just not in the way they predicted.

Autistics are here and we’ll never back down. Ready for the month, Autism Speaks? It’s 2022, and your Autistic Pandemic has arrived. Autistics aren’t the enemy here – we’re the majority stakeholders. Recognize.


Eve Reiland

Founder of

Autistic Vintage ‘72
Parenting Autistics since ‘93

Find good and not good organizations here:

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