On the first day of “Autism Awareness” month, I got 8 hours of Emergency Room Sensory Overload Hell | April 1, 2022 #AutisticHealthcare

Eve Reiland

Note from Eve:

On the first day of “Autism Awareness” month, I got 8 hours of Emergency Room sensory overload hell.

The least inaccessible place for me, and many people I know, is an emergency room, a hosptial and a doctor’s office.

One meltdown for sure. Bill was great at helping me through it – so were so much of the staff. Seems all the spaces and places with more sensory accessibility, the places that need it the most are the most hellish to survive.

One day I dream of real accomadations for Autistics in healthcare.

I’m all beeped, light flickered, cross talk, machine buzzing, musical interruptions and personal devices blaring out for the day. Good news is – I’m home.

It’s dark.

It’s quiet.

The dogs are waiting until I’m feeling better for their hugs and pets. They feel how sensitive I am right now to all things.

Sleep will fix this. Tomorrow will be better. ❤


Eve Reiland

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