It’s 2022 and the Autistic Revolution Is Just Getting Started | Note via Eve Reiland #StopBigAutism #BanABA

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[Just a note with thoughts about 2022. – Eve Reiland]

Back in the archives, daily protest and seeding the search routine.

I have two speeds these days, slow and slower. I’m gearing up for ‘the month’ and feels like there’s not enough time to get my personal project list done. Any other Autistic activists or allies already thinking about ‘the month’ yet and activism activities/goals?

This year I’m focused on bringing awareness on the parent-founded Big Autism Orgs that are currently intertwined with all aspects of Autistic Healthcare, support systems, and our lives both in public and private sectors.

The monopoly they have on autism everything, and the power of influence to fund their agendas, must end. Picking an Autistic that will support the song and dance of ‘Big Autism’ and squee about ABA being ‘good’ is NOT inclusion – and it’s harmful to the majority of Autistic stakeholders.

Read the studies. ABA, the gold standard, it doesn’t work. The science is pseudoscience and the Big Autism influence is being exposed daily. The ROI of having Medicaid and Medicare plus private insurance coverage – the profit they make off of us is in the billions.

Did you know other countries are denying ABA due to it being unfounded and not scientifically proven to work? The monopoly on autism information here (the states) and the echo chamber needs to be dismantled. Autistics need real healthcare, mental health care, actual support services that don’t include removing our supports as a ‘goal’ set by non-Autistic ‘autism experts.

If a person is disabled by something other than autism and needs the support of … say a wheelchair … I’ve yet to experience an ’expert’ setting a goal for me to walk again, or make progress to it, by a certain date. I’ve yet to see a healthcare person that wanted me up and walking regardless of the cause just because they wanted me to. And I’ve never been a failure due to my personhood and personality when my body won’t perform well enough to walk without support and a cane, arm crutch or wheelchair is needed.

The ableism built into support systems for Autistics is gross.

We need real access to places and spaces like hospitals that have protocols in place for our sensory and other needs. We need a more accurate understanding of our lifespans and the common co-morbidities many of us manage as well.

We need more supports for those of us with intense support needs and in need of a caregiver – and more support for our GOOD caregivers. (There are incredible caregivers, but unfortunately my experience has been there is an intense issue with caregiver abuse and it being recognized by outsiders.)

Autistics: We are a people, not a disease. We are not for others to segregate based on their agenda for us. We are not fodder for the eugenics machine posing as a ‘cure.’ We are not to be converted to pass as NT and then suffer suicide ideation and an early death due to masking, PTSD and severe depression.

2022 is the year to #StopBigAutism and #BanABA.

All around the USA are Autistics and real allies working hard to do this already. Legislation is being introduced, or will be, and Autistics are already on the rise, worldwide. We’re breaking the silence and being heard in mainstream media (finally).

Thousands and thousands of parents of Autistics have reached out and connected with the Autistic community to learn more. Many are now real allies in this fight against these non-Autistic parent-founded and powerful autism organizations.

And note to Autism Speaks and cohorts: You aren’t just battling Autistics here in the States. You’re battling all of us worldwide. We’re having successes in other countries and breaking your hold. Disrupting your ROI. Reducing your power to influence agendas and giant budgets in our name and doing it without us. We’re halting your research studies to have the ethics reviewed and more.

If you think the autism wars were difficult before – the Autistic community is only growing stronger. Autistic elders have connected with Autistic youth and we’re working together.

The bell tolls for the Big Autism era. 2022 is the year that begins the end of the power these parent-founded autism organizations lord over us. It’s 2022 and Autistics are going to break this chokehold Big Autism has on our healthcare and more.

It’s 2022 and the time is now for Autistics to be heard.

The time is now for Autistic dignity, disability rights, civil and human rights to be respected.

The time is now for Autistics to be at the table in all matters that pertain to us.

Hey Big Autism: It’s 2022 and the Autistic Revolution … well we’re just getting started. Enjoy. 🙂


Eve Reiland

#ActuallyAutistic #autism

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