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Autistic Self Advocacy in Ontario

Autistics for Autistics Ontario (A4A) is a collective of autistic adults advocating for reform to autism funding and services, provincially and federally. We are self-advocates,  meaning that neither our parents nor service providers advocate “for” us. We are proudly autistic, united on the issues that impact our community.

We are an international affiliate of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN). We are also members of the Autistic Advocacy Coalition of Canada (AACC), with Autistics United Canada and London Autistics Standing Together. Through our work in AACC, we advocate for our federal government to consult with autistic self-advocacy groups when developing the policies that affect our lives.

For too long, autistics have been excluded from input into decision-making while service providers have dominated the discussion. As a result, government policy does not reflect the realities of autistic Canadians.

We are changing that. We are committed to making our province and our country more equitable and safer for autistic people–non-verbal and verbal, with a full range of service needs and across intersectionalities–through education, activism and advocacy.

Via A4A

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