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David Gray-Hammond

David Gray-Hammond is an Autistic person in recovery from addiction and psychosis.

He is currently a children and young person’s mentor for Gecko Community CIO, where he supports neurodivergent young people with trauma and burnout. He is also working with Gecko to set up a project to support young substance users with matters of addiction and criminal exploitation.

He spent 3 years as an independent consultant, working with service commissioners in Brighton and Hove, representing the treatment rights of Autistic substance users. He also sat on an advisory panel to help decide the current substance misuse services provider for Brighton and Hove, and helped pilot a scheme to bring drug testing kits to student drug users in Brighton and Hove. This was to help them to know the purity of substances they were using and reduce accidental overdoses.

He has written extensively of his experiences as an autistic drug addict and alcoholic, and also of his experiences with complex mental health issues such as psychosis.

He was the Chief Operating Officer of NeuroClastic, Inc. for 18 months, and is currently a presenter and educator for Aucademy. He is also a team member at ‘seND support through an ND lense’ on Facebook.

He has conducted numerous consultations around autism, addiction, and mental health with both professionals and non-professionals, and has spoken at conferences on the topic of autism and addiction.

David co-hosts the “Especially Interesting” podcast, and also has experience of setting up and executing conferences and speaking opportunities that platform Autistic voices.

David has been involved in two criminal justice campaigns pertaining to the unfair incarceration of Black Autistic people, and most recently he is a member of the Boycott Spectrum 10k team.

David was also formerly a director of Give Street Project CIC, an organisation that facilitates donation collection for front line organisations tackling food poverty and homelessness.

In his free time, he is a published poet, musician, and gamer.

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