FYI | Next-gen crypto-based metaverse SpecTruth aims to use AI to diagnose those on the Autism Spectrum | December 21, 2021 #AutismMarket

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Next-gen crypto-based metaverse SpecTruth aims to use AI to diagnose those on the Autism Spectrum


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SpecTruth aims to use AI to best diagnose Autism

Do Well By Doing Good”— Mikail Aslan

KIEV, UKRAINE, December 21, 2021 / — A breakthrough crypto-based metaverse platform, SpecTruth, is all set to dawn in a revolution in the world of diagnosis for Autism. The platform is looking forward to deploying the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence technology to extend cutting-edge clinically recognized behavioral diagnosis with the best scientifically tested therapeutic treatments. 

SpecTrue (STRUE) tokens will be the native token of the SpecTruth platform. 

In an exclusive interview, Mikail Aslan, the CEO of SpecTrue, shared that the incorporation of state-of-the-art AI technology will help to bring scientific certainty to people’s lives while connecting our users to the global community. “At SpecTruth, we are pioneering a unique metaverse experience with special focus on helping millions of users with developmental delays, especially those diagnosed on the autism spectrum. One of our primary missions is to improve the diagnosis sector for the special needs community with the help of advanced AI technology. We aim to improve their lives and make the world better for people with special needs through our metaverse platform.” 

Interestingly, SpecTruth’s goals stretch far beyond improving the diagnosis and treatment of the special needs community. Added to therapeutic treatments, the platform is intelligently designed to address the growing needs of millions of users regarding various other aspects of life- such as education, social networking, life skills, income, career, training, and even dating.  

SpecTruth users will be able to immerse themselves fully into the metaverse and each of them will have their own landing page. The landing page will link to an in-built messenger, library, community page, games, personals, education, and therapy. There will also be a special section for Cryptocurrency tab (in the landing page tab) that will offer expert information about cryptocurrency, active price charts, links to crypto mining games, and more.  

“Our aim is to influence and elevate all aspects of life through our state-of-the-art metaverse. Our site will be optimized for Web 3 results. From free advice training to offering access to top-rated therapists to finding access to licensed educators to even NFT creation training, your landing page tab at SpecTruth metaverse will help with all.”

Speaking on, Mr. Aslan noted that the STRUE cryptocurrency will be utilized to fund various premium services. 

“STRUE will help with creation of individualized AI friends, access to therapy, dating personals, individualized special education for more focused attention on people with special needs, and more. Also, we aspire to use our commerce section to potentially generate a living wage for our users.” 

Mr. Aslan elaborated on the various premium services that will be funded by STRUE – 

Creation and personalization of AI friends
Hiring of mentors, educators, and therapists via Tele-med
Full length proprietary videos
Online workshops and Q/A with industry experts
Listing products for sale
Listing services for hire
Purchase of ad space
Playing premium games with affiliate partners
3d Concerts and conventions

And more 

For further information, please go to

Mikail Aslan

Explore Autistic History

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