Santa Decides Autism Speaks Is On The Naughty List! | November 22, 2021

Santa Decides


Autism Speaks is on the naughty list!

Liam ‘The Lemony Bard’ Zaffora-Reeder


Seeing a lot of confusion in the replies. For those unaware, they have a TON of problems and do more harm than good. Pictured is a list of issues they have that don’t even cover some of the more extreme issues.

Nov 22, 2021


Ok so they’re like peta? In the sense of More harm than good?

9:50 AM · Nov 22, 2021

·Nov 22, 2021

Replying to @SantaDecides

I personally never heard of them, but reading some of these replies you are doing a big W here


Basically an organization that suppose to support the autism community but, instead harm people with autism

The Beekeeper@Experiment404

Nov 22, 2021

Replying to @SantaDecides

I need an explanation, as someone with autism, this is confusingI



What if we tricked people into thinking we want to support people on the spectrum, but instead we used the money to try and cull people on the spectrum and do really cruel tests that ultimately just make their lives worse anyways. Knowingly. That’s Autism Speaks

Explore Autistic History

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