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Autism scientists seek more brains to aid research – USA Today
CHICAGO (AP) — Autism scientists are seeking more brain samples for research. They announced Thursday a new network collecting brain specimens around the country. They say the more they get, the better the chances of finding better ways to treat the 
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MMR jab: Somali migrants have lingering fears on autism
BBC News
Health officials say vaccination rates against measles are worryingly low among Somali children in the US and UK because some parents still believe the MMR jab is linked to autism. The officials say they are struggling to show that the vaccination is safe.
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BBC News
Temporary solution for parents who gave up autistic son
CTV News
A 19-year-old Ottawa man with autism has been found a home for the next few weeks after his parents dropped him off at a government office and sparked a national discussion about the lack of support services available to such families. Amanda Telford 
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CTV News
Early autism detection helps child’s mental growth
Times of India
While briefing the audience about New England Children’s Centre (NECC), Strully said that NECC is a private, nonprofit autism research and education center dedicated to transform the lives of children with autism worldwide through education, research 
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Times of India
Rescuers Baffled by Autistic Runaways…
ABC News
In 2011, the largest manhunt in Virginia history took place more than six days as volunteers and rescuers scoured a dense forest looking for Robert Wood Jr., an 8-year-old with severe autism. Robert, whose family called him Bud, ran off while visiting 
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ABC News
As autism rates rise in Canada, doctors search for answers
CTV News
The number of children with autism has increased significantly in Canada and the United States, but the cause – whether it’s environmental, genetic, or a result of better diagnostic tests – remains an elusive mystery. The most comprehensive report on 
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CTV News
Bigger babies risk autism, says study
Around one in 100 children develops autism but symptoms do not usually become apparent until the second year of life. Autism – or autistic spectrum disorder – includes Asperger’s syndrome and is an umbrella term for a range of developmental disorders 
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Autism: a whole new world
ABC Online (blog)
As part of Autism Awareness month, we visited the AEIOU child care centre on the Sunshine Coast to find out more about the needs of autistic children.While at the centre, we noticed rooms with interesting names like “sensory room” and “motor room”.
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Key trial of Seaside autism drug fails to show benefit
The first-ever drug designed to treat social impairments associated with autismfailed to show a benefit in a midstage trial, representing a blow to families and to privately held drugmaker Seaside Therapeutics. Results of the study, presented on 
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Parents of autistic children ‘exasperated’ by financial costs
(Note:CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.) Amanda Telford’s decision to leave her severely autistic son at a provincial developmental services office in Ottawa this week was a drastic step for a frustrated parent.
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Robots as Autism Co-therapists | Science News | Autism Speaks
By Jessica Sachs
Study suggests that robot “co-therapist” helps some children with autism learn social skills that hold up in real life.
Science News | Autism Speaks – Social games may treat infant autism
By Andrea Estrada-UCSB
Social games may treat infant autism. “There are a few measures—like the ones we used in our study—that can diagnose kids pre-language, even as young as six months. But ours was the first that worked with children under 12 months and
Experiences with psychosis and autism spectrum disorder – General 
Though I am not looking for a diagnosis, I am leaning toward thinking it might be a transient reaction to stress that can sometimes occur in autism spectrum disorder, rather than something like bipolar disorder or schizophreniform disorder, and 
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