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Google News Alert for: autism

Bernie Marcus Speaks Out on Autism and Autism Case
WXIA-TV – Atlanta,GA,USA
Mr. Marcus is the Founder of the Marcus Institute and Autism Center and the Co-Founder of AutismSpeaks. His Center has already treated more than 30000 
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Ali G’s smarter cousin – and expert on autism |
Independent – London,England,UK
Perhaps, one of them asked, he was “faintly autistic“? Referring in turn to a much-touted rumour that had been doing the Westminster rounds, 
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Examiner.comWhat it’s like inside the autistic mind – USA
In my first article I talked about what it feels like to be autistic. I now would like for you to imagine for a moment what these kids are like inside their 
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UCLA study identifies genetic factor in autism
Daily Breeze – Torrance,CA,USA
Research from the study, published this week in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, showed a common gene variant was present in a majority of the autistic 
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Carson City briefs: F Street, Off-road vehicles, autism bill
Las Vegas Sun – Las Vegas,NV,USA
A bill that would require a health benefit plan to provide an option for coverage of diagnosis and treatment of autism has been approved unanimously by the 
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Olmsted on Autism: Welcome to Illinois
Age of Autism – Trumbull,USA
And I kept responding, “But she has autism and the social stigma is a non-starter. This is at best a convenience issue for Mom.” He wanted her on Lupron but 
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Web tool aiding families with autistic children
USA Today – USA
The hosted service is called ChARM, for Children’s Autism Recovery Map. The free online service enables families to gather and track data about treatments 
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NASCAR Teams In All Three Series To Sport Autism Speaks Logo
PaddockTalk – USA
15 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams entered in the “Autism Speaks 400, presented by Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips & Cheese” on May 31, six NASCAR Nationwide 
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Gene explains prominence of autism in boys
Craegmoor News – UK
New research by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) has found a gene which may explain why autism is more common in boys than girls. 
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New book that teaches children about Autism – USA
While it is well known that children with Autism need modifications at school and at home due to their disability, little is mentioned about helping other 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Speaking of autism offensively… « Mom’s Tinfoil Hat
By MomTFH 
Speaking of autism offensively… Posted in Uncategorized by MomTFH on May 22, 2009. Michael Savage just thinks it’s just brats putting on an act. Oh, ha ha, just kidding! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) 
Mom’s Tinfoil Hat –
blog-thing : Chicago Tribune takes on Geiers’ junk science
By Mike 
So how will the good people of Silver Spring, Maryland, USA react when some of their own are finally exposed for using bad science to perform medical experiments on helpless children by pretending they have a cure for autism and 
Action For Autism –
Autism Tomorrows: Autism and Anemones
By Jill Escher 
Having a child with autism teaches many profound lessons, foremost among them that humans and sea anemones have a lot in common. Not in the aesthetic sense, perhaps, but in the sense that each human is like those one of those little 
Autism Tomorrows –
Media dis&dat: Austism group is Australia excludes members with 
By BA Haller 
ASAN AUSTRALIA understands from its members that as of today all Autistic members have been exclude from the Steering Committee of A4 (Autism Asperger Advocacy Australia) which has now been renamed the A4 Advisory Group. 
Media dis&dat –
SARDAA Blog » NIH Research Matters: Autism Tied to Genes That 
By jkirk 
Three genome-wide association studies have identified genetic factors that affect the risk of autismspectrum disorders (ASD). Understanding how these genetic variations affect brain development will suggest new strategies for 

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