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Should autism block a heart transplant?
Philadelphia Inquirer
While autism was just one of the reasons listed for denying Paul Corby a transplant, Gray said she was “extremely disturbed that autism in and of itself was listed as an exclusionary factor.” With help from other parents, Karen Corby has now contacted 
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2 friends with autism rock out with former teacher
Chicago Tribune
The two men stand in the spotlight: one with a soulful voice, the other with a gift for writing melodies. Together they play music that seems to unlock them from their disabilities. “Sing along, y’all!” calls Adam Hines, a stocky 26-year-old with a big 
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Chicago Tribune
Support System, Determination Help Autistic Man Lead Full Life
Voice of America
Seventy million people – 1 percent of the world’s population – have some form of autism, a neurologic disorder that affects their ability to interact with other people and to care for themselves. Although treatment is available in developed nations 
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Polk Police Officers Train on Ways to Diffuse Situations With Autistic People
The Ledger
The day-long training was organized by the Central Florida Autism Institute Inc., at Kathleen High School in Lakeland. The focus was to provide to Polk County officers and deputies, most of whom work as school resource officers, with basic information 
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An Autistic Boy’s Answer: YouTube Science
Scientific American (blog)
Students are interested in learning from him and the love his ability to break an experiment down in an easy-to-understand sort of way. My heart is warmed that Jordan has found his outlet, and perhaps parents and caregivers of other autistic children 
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Dr. Yahagi & The Mended Hearts host autism benefit concert
Victoria Advocate
If you go. ABC 2012, Autism Benefit Concert7 p.m. Friday Victoria Fine Arts Center, 1002 Sam Houston Drive $25 at the door; $20 presale Visit Chick-fil-A locations, 6104 N. Navarro St. and at the Victoria Mall 
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Victoria Advocate
Autism Defective Gene Link
Medical News Today
According to a study published online in PLoS ONE, researchers have identified how a defective gene causes brain changes that lead to the atypical social behavior characteristic of autism. The study, conduced by researchers affiliated with the UC Davis 
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What Autism Can’t Take Away From Us – Our Kids
Patheos (blog)
Lil D, with the severity of his autism, lives by a different set of rules. Of course, we try our best to set the same basic expectations for all kids – talk nice to each other, respect your elders, no hitting, clean up after yourselves, and so on. But 
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Autism Speaks to present educational programs
Groton – Autism Speaks of Southeastern Connecticut, an advocacy group, will present a series of educational programs beginning Sept. 19 at the library. The free programs will take place at 7 p.m.. The Sept. 19 program will focus on the signs of autism
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Blogs5 new results for autism – Gene defect triggers traits linked to autism
By Phyllis Brown-UC Davis
“A number of genes and environmental factors have been shown to be involved in autism, but this study points to a mechanism—how one gene defect may trigger this type of neurological behavior,” says study senior author Cecilia Giulivi.
Art takes Latino child beyond autism
By lavieenroseinparis
Art takes Latino child beyond autism. by Vanessa A. Alvarez, NBC News. 5:00 am on 08/14/2012. For anyone who has ever seen it, 11-year-old Luis Gerardo Paredes’s art can only be described as powerful. It’s no surprise that one of his 
NBC Latino
Co-Founders Co-Host Autism Speaks Special on Channel 228 | Blog
By alison.dyer
Autism Speaks Co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright guest co-hosted an Autism Speaks special on 228, on Sunday, August 12, 2012. 228 is Nantucket’s only live and local television show, celebrating the people, place, spirit and intellect of 
Autism Speaks Official Blog
Claim: Heart Transplant Denied Due To Man’s Autism – Disability 
By Stacey Burling, The Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
Karen Corby says she was stunned when doctors turned down her 23-year-old son for a heart transplant citing his autism diagnosis. Now she’s hoping an online petition could change his fortune.
Disability Scoop
Theory on autism challenged | Otago Daily Times Online News 
By John Gibb
[image]University of Otago research is shedding new light on why autism is more common among boys, and challenges the view an “extreme male brain” is the cause.
Otago Daily Times:
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Research shows gene defect’s role in autism-like behavior
Scientists have discovered how a defective gene causes brain changes that lead to the atypical social behavior characteristic of autism. The research offers a…/120810193753.htm?…
2012 Walk Now for Autism Speaks: Southwest Missouri – Home
2012 Southwest Missouri Walk Now for Autism Speaks. Saturday, September 8, 2012. Join…/default.asp?…lis…

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