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Dealing With the Financial Burden of Autism
New York Times
By WALECIA KONRAD WHEN Jeff Sell’s twin sons were found to have autism 13 years ago, he, like so many other parents in the same situation, found himself 
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Lack Of Facilities Poses Challenges For Autistic Adults
PITTSBURGH — On Friday, Channel 4 Action News anchor Michelle Wright concluded her week-long series on autism by looking at the lack of adult facilities. 
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The GuardianAutism: A healing, not a cure
The Guardian
Rupert Isaacson believes riding has transformed his autistic son. Now he wants others to benefit from his experience. But is it too good to be true? 
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Could Missouri Autism Coverage Cause All Premiums to Rise?
The more intensive therapy they receive early on, the betterm” said Eileen Zapien, the mother of an autistic child. She says that coverage couldn’t come 
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Chase the Hope, Vote for National Autism Association on Facebook
The National Autism Association, celebrities such as Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, and moms across the country are asking Facebook users to “Chase the 
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Autism explored in library series
Autism can manifest itself in many ways and to varying degrees. An informational session on AutismSpectrum Disorders is scheduled at the Forest Park Branch 
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Need for autism centre ‘urgent’: society
The Autism Society of Edmonton says a treatment centre for families dealing with the neurological disorder is urgently needed. “The centre will give people 
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Editorial: It’s Time To Change Law On Charging Juveniles As Adults
It certainly calls into question our knowledge as a society of disabilities like autism if indeed that is what the youngster is found to have, 
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Autism facility gets new operator
San Antonio Express
By Elizabeth Allen – Express-News A Dallas-area company that provides autism treatment has taken over the lease of Treehouse Pediatric Center & Behavioral 
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Autism Speaks responds to recent publications citing autism clusters in California
Genetic Engineering News (press release)
NEW YORK, NY (January 21, 2010) Two recent, separate publications identified regions with higher than expected numbers of autism cases or clusters in 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism Epidemic! …Or Not?
In fact, it lies at the heart of many of the controversies that seem to plague the autism world. The answer to the question is basic to our understanding of what autism is… how it should be treated and/or prevented… whether it’s a Autism –
Prevalence of Autism Continues to Climb: Reasons for Increase in 
The exact number of children with autism is unknown, although it is widely accepted that autism and related disorders are more common than once thought.
Suite101: Special Needs Parenting… –
The Cost of Autism – Well Blog –
Autism trends, treatments and therapies routinely make headlines. Often overlooked, though, is the financial burden for many families with autistic children, writes Walecia Konrad in today’s Patient Money column.
Well –
IACC Unanimously Approves 2010 Strategic Plan for Autism Research 
By autismsciencefoundation 
Autism Science Foundation President and Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) member Alison Singer joined all her colleagues on the IACC this week in voting to approve the 2010 Strategic Plan for Autism Research. 
Autism Science Foundation –
Autism (Savor Each Syllable, Part 2) | autisable
Challenging oneself to understand the struggle to speak by those with Apraxia and Autism. –

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Autism Speaks responds to recent publications citing autism 
Autism Speaks reviewed papers identifying California clusters of autism. UC Davis used CADDS data (10000 cases in 2.5 million births, 1996-2000) finding 

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