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autismDaily update ⋅ May 6, 2014
Belfast TelegraphAutism: Providing potential employment across the ‘spectrum’Belfast TelegraphBut they still find it tough to get jobs, because they are living with conditions like autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, which can sometimes affect their …Flag as irrelevant 
Autism MamaThe NationJudgmental stares, disdainful looks, sermons, unwanted advice, pity; as an autism parent, I experience these every day. Each time I am faced with …Flag as irrelevant 
AdweekThis Chaotic, Hypnotic Autism PSA Is Truly (and Literally) SensationalAdweekIDEA: The world that people with autism inhabit isn’t just indescribable; in many ways it’s unknowable. But one symptom many people on the spectrum …Flag as irrelevant 
Rethink Autism – Online Program Makes ABA Affordable for Parents, EducatorsAutism Daily Newscastrethink Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading intervention for children with autism. It has been endorsed by the American Academy of …Flag as irrelevant 
Environment As Important As Genes In Autism (STUDY)Huffington Post(Reuters) – Environmental factors are more important than previously thought in leading to autism, as big a factor as genes, according to the largest …Flag as irrelevant 
Black, Hispanic children with autism more likely to regress than whitesScience CodexResearchers analyzed data on 1,353 preschool children with autism … that African-American and Hispanic children are often diagnosed with autism at …Flag as irrelevant 
Autistic children can be the nation’s assetsThe Star OnlineHowever, despite that, you will find parents of autistic children determined to give them the best of education, no matter the challenge that may arise.Flag as irrelevant 
MedscapeThe Reasons Behind the Rise in AutismMedscapeEditor’s Note: A just-released estimate of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) prevalence published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention …Flag as irrelevant 
Autism Daily NewscastAutistic traits in Down’s syndromeAutism Daily Newscast“The pervasiveness of ASD [autism spectrum disorder] in children with DS [Down’s syndrome] in England and Wales is substantially higher than in the …Flag as irrelevant 
Connection between epilepsy and autism may expand treatment options for epilepticsAllentown ExaminerI t is estimated that nearly 33 percent of people with autism spectrum disorder also have epilepsy. But until recently there had been little clinical …Flag as irrelevant 
Conference to Focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders June 12-13 | Augustana CollegeAugustana College – Augustana College — Sioux Falls, South Dakota ⋅ kelly.sprecherParents, educators, professionals and nationally known experts will participate in the seventh annual Lighting the Way Conference, focusing on autism …Flag as irrelevant 
Zócalo Public Square :: How My Son’s Autism Education Educated MeZocalo Public Square ⋅ by Ana Beatriz CholoJude is one of 10 kids with autism spectrum disorders in this special education class in a public school in Seal Beach, Orange County, that I got to visit …Flag as irrelevant 
Autism treatment requires a collaborative patient-doctor relationship – KevinMD.comKevinMD.comMy family’s world changed instantly upon receiving Annie’s diagnosis of apraxia and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) a day before her second birthday …Flag as irrelevant 
Facing Autism in New Brunswick: WOW! Major Autism Study Equating Environmental and Genetic Facing Autism in New Brunswick ⋅ H L DohertyWhat is not generally mentioned in the media echoes of the study though is that it included many subjects with classic Autistic Disorder as stated in the …Flag as irrelevant 
Ada’s Journal – Autism and AppropriationAda’s Journal ⋅ Ada HoffmannAnother facet of the conversation: when talking about autism in fiction, the titles I see people recommending again and again are often written by …Flag as irrelevant 
Autism: Diff-function Not Dysfunction | Sagacious MamaSagacious Mama ⋅ Sagacious MamaAutism is considered a “spectrum”. If it is indeed a spectrum, then autistics are not diff-functional to one another in different ways, just to different …Flag as irrelevant 
App Designed for Autistic Children in Mind – IMMUNOe Health CentersIMMUNOe Health Centers | Denver, Centennial, Thornton Colorado ⋅ adminAn interactive app called Skill Champ has been designed for children of all ages with autism. This app was created with the hopes that it will help …Flag as irrelevant 
Autism Spectrum Disorders – Genetic and Environmental Influences – Disabled WorldDisabled WorldDetail: In the largest family study on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to date, researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, along with …Flag as irrelevant 
Celebrating Mother’s Day as an Autism Mom | Cafe Mocha RadioCafe Mocha Radio ⋅ CafemochaAdminBy Kpana Kpoto As a mother of an only child who is on the autism spectrum, I have always had a pity party for myself on Mother’s Day. Instead of …Flag as irrelevant 
Celebrating Mother’s Day as an Autism Mom | ⋅ Kpana KpotoAs a mother of an only child who is on the autism spectrum, I have always had a pity party for myself on Mother’s Day. Instead of appreciating what was …Flag as irrelevant 
Boston Red Sox Host 2014 Autism Awareness Day at Fenway Park | News | Autism 5, 2014) – The Boston Red Sox hosted nearly 1300 individuals, families and supporters of New England’s autism community on Autism …Flag as irrelevant 
Super Bowl Champ Seahawks Tackle Autism Causes | News | Autism… much of the off-season serving the Washington state autism community. Schneider’s 12-year-old son, Ben, was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.Flag as irrelevant 
Autism-Friendly Video Gallery – Paper Mill Playhousepapermill.orgYou Are Here: Home MEDIA Autism-Friendly Video Gallery. Autism-Friendly Video Gallery. First Person Crossing the Street policeman to theatre.Flag as irrelevant 
Helping students with Autism Spectrum Disorder succeed | Eastern Oregon – Susan Whitelock, assistant professor of English and writing, discusses how colleges can be prepared to help students with Autism Spectrum …Flag as irrelevant 
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