#BoycottSpectrum10K | Simon Baron-Cohen Lied To Autistic Activists In Attempt To Stop Planned Protest & More | #AutisticHistory #StopSpectrum10K


A look at the latest in news regarding the Boycott Spectrum 10K campaign and protest in the UK. Here are just a few of the many Autistic voices being heard worldwide in blogs, articles and on social media on this project …

Also, Canada has launched their 1QK: Québec 1000 Families project on the quiet. This is directly tied to the MSSNG project of Autism Speaks and Google.

Autistic people and police brutality in the UK: Baron-Cohen the aggressor

Emergent Divergence

Edit to add disclaimer: Despite Simon Baron-Cohen telling us that there will be a police presence, A member of the protest team has since spoken to Cambridge Police and confirmed that no police presence is booked for the protest, although they may now send one or two officers to make sure everything is alright. In our opinion, Baron-Cohen told this lie in a direct attempt to try and stop the protest from happening. Please do still read the article as we believe this lie makes the content even more important.

This article was co-written by members of the Boycott Spectrum 10k team; David Gray-Hammond, Tanya Adkin and Bobbi Elman

Trigger warning: This article contains discussion of violence by law enforcement professionals, and discussion of systemic trauma caused by the criminal justice system.

Anyone who has followed the Boycott Spectrum 10k campaign will be aware that we are holding a peaceful protest outside the Autism Research Centre on the 29th October 2021, in Cambridge. This is the workplace of Simon Baron-Cohen, and the main research centre where the Spectrum 10k study will be housed. For more information on why we are protesting, please see our collective joint statement here, and another article discussing the study here.

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About: Collective Joint Statement From Autistic People On Spectrum 10K

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ProtestFRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2021

PetitionsBoycott Spectrum 10K &  Stop Spectrum 10k

Autistic people and police brutality in the UK: Baron-Cohen the aggressor:

Please do read
Collective article written by #BoycottSpectrum10k
Emergent Divergence: Addiction, Mental Health, and The Autistic Experience
Bobbi Elman: NeuroDivergent Autistic Experience Support TM
Tanya Adkin – Autistic children and young persons advocate.

Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

HANDS OFF OUR DNA’, our sign made by Emma D’Arcy with our attendees colourful hand outlines for our protest on Friday in Cambridge:


#BoycottSpectrum10k Boycott Spectrum 10K 

AIM – Autistic Inclusive Meets

We’ve been in contact with Cambridge police, they’ve stated that on their records there’s no police presence booked for Friday’s protest.

They welcome our right to protest & may now send 1 or 2 officers along to check everyone’s ok.

This differs from what we were told by SBC.

AIM Says no to Abuse, Exploitation and Experimentation of Autistic people.

I am not a puzzle.

I am a human being with rights, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

You can help my wellbeing by improving services NOT by taking my DNA and medical history to do God knows what with.

£3 million pounds complete misspent.

[Picture shows me, a white person with short mousy hair and round orange glasses. I am peeking over a white A4 sign held portrait which reads:

Not a puzzle! #BoycottSpectrum10K

I have drawn a blue puzzle piece with a red circle round and a red line through it.

I am standing in my front room in front of a large picture of Angkor Watt].


Thank you to SBC for confirming today that the police WILL be present at the protest #BoycottSpectrum10k.
@BoycottSpect10k @TanyaAdkin
This is what happens when #autistic people state NO.
ARC know this is a peaceful protest .
Good to know. @sbaroncohen

I have had to make the difficult decision not to bring my son 14, 5’9 inches to the @AIMautistic @BoycottSpect10k protest.

We are both Black biracial Autistics, my son is also LD & ADHD, he wanted to come, he knows what @Spectrum_10K is all about & wanted to protest as is

his right.

Now we know police will be there with possible dog units he said himself he doesn’t want to go, and as a responsible mother who knows how police can be with Black youths, especially autistic Black youths.

I cannot take the chance of my son having a meltdown or

being overwhelmed & possibly being attacked.

This is what Autism Research Centre has done by involving the police.

They have taken my sons right to protest away from him because he disagrees with giving over his DNA.

#BoycottSpectrum10k #StopSpectrum10K


On the 29th October there’s a protest in Cambridge by Boycott Spectrum 10K . 
So much money has been poured into research over the years that doesn’t provide Autistic people with any help. The research doesn’t benefit Autistic people. Autism Services in the UK are extremely underfunded and Did you know that most Autistic people don’t have ANY support from Autism support services as they only support Autistic people with a severe learning disability. This has meant Autistic people have been left to struggle alone, we are seeing a rise in suicide rates in Autistic people and Mental Illnesses, a rise in psychiatric admissions for Autistic people and we have THOUSANDS of young Autistic people locked up in LONG TERM psychiatric units due to the lack of community support. Without support we struggle and our mental health deteriorates. THIS IS A CRISIS we are in. AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE DYING. Instead of money being continuously piled into research that doesn’t help us… we NEED and WANT money to be put into support services so ALL Autistic people get support and BETTER QUALITY support too.
There’s so much else about why Spectrum 10k is a bad research project… and you can read more about it on the page I mentioned at the beginning. Anyone is welcome to join the protest on 29th October. More information is in the events section on the page I mentioned a
💜 https://facebook.com/events/s/boycott-spectrum-10k/692880821670545/

#boycottspectrum10k #ProtestSpectrum10k #AllAutistics #neurodiversity#actuallyautistic #autismresearch #autism #autistic #autismacceptance

We have been in contact with Simon Baron Cohen after we were informed that police and a dog unit would be at the protest and that the Autism Research Centee would be shutting down for the day.

We emailed asking for confirmation if this and informed him that this would be a peaceful protest. 

Mr Baron Cohen confirmed to us by email this afternoon that yes police would be there.

So please be aware of this, stay together. 

We will be livestreaming through out the day .

Copied from Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM

Event link:


And over in Canada … Q1K & MSSNG

Please protest this very similar Canadian eugenics project, Q1K. #BoycottQ1K https://q1k.ca/en/research/?fbclid=IwAR0AOxmUC12w1VGyGLYbEuwM0l60K03jkPXysfRaVvwsGEEoiaxmel0_468


More With #BoycottSpectrum10K

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