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Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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April 27, 2010

Autism: Frontline rehashes the vaccine “debate”…
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
“The Vaccine War,” a look at the-let’s-keep- talking-about-it-so-it-won’t-go-away debate over the safety of, and necessity for, childhood vaccinations is 
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Autistic artist plans to paint Sydney’s skyline
Melbourne, April 27 (ANI): Autistic artist Stephen Wiltshire, who has a unique ability to draw detailed city skylines from memory, has his sights set on 
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Conference on educating children with autism
Salem Gazette
By Anonymous Endicott College and Rethink Autism will present “Innovations and Technology in the Education of Children With Autism” on Saturday, May 1, 
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State legislative hearings to examine autism
The Detroit News
Lansing — A bipartisan legislative task force will hold hearings across the state this spring to learn more about how autism is affecting Michigan families 
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Early diagnosis of autism can lead to early treatment
The Spokesman Review
The Northwest Autism Center in Spokane is hosting free autism screenings on May 27. Get more information by calling Holly Morgan at (206) 755-9497. 
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Globe and MailTeaching people about my autistic son
Globe and Mail
For a moment we shared a tiny piece of what it’s like to have a child on the autismspectrum, where the simplest thing can be difficult. 
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Autism awareness fair scheduled Saturday
The Burrell Autism Center will hold an information fair to raise awareness for autism on Saturday. The free event will be from 10 am to 1 pm at Burrell 
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My Autism Story: Andrea’s Son Has Autism and She Shares Her Insight
The Stir (blog)
Andrea’s son turned 9 this year but was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2. She’s been married for 15 years and lives in Queens, New York. 
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Doctors want you to remember polio and diphtheria
Los Angeles Times (blog)
Others have ample access to care but have parents who are afraid of the potential side effects of some vaccines or believe vaccines cause autism
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Pool of talent shouldn’t be overlooked
Kansas City Star
You might find that you need someone with autism or Asperger’s syndrome. This is National AutismMonth. Advocates have geared up to share sobering 
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Join Age of Autism Live Blogging & Tweeting During The Vaccine War 
By Age of Autism 
You’re invited to join us here at Age of Autism and on Twitter for live blogging/Tweeting during PBS Frontline’s “The Vaccine War” tonight at 9pm EDT. Check your local listings. From their site: Public health scientists and clinicians 
Stimeyland: The Autism Path
By Stimey 
I feel that when I got my son Jack’s autism diagnosis, it was as if I had been given directions to a trail head that started us down a path. The path was different than the one I’d planned on and this path was rockier than the one I 
Stimeyland –
New Study Finds Missing Link between Autism and Vaccines 
By Rhonda Robinson 
Pop quiz: What does Amish population in Lancaster County, Pa. and the diverse populations in Chicago’s Cook County, IL have in common? Answer: They both.
NewsReal Blog –
The Economic Impact Of Autism And The BBC Prime Ministerial Debate 
By admin 
The final Prime Ministerial Debate in the United Kingdom, takes place this Thursday, on the 29th of April. The Leaders’ TV debate is hosted by BBC One and moderated by David Dimbleby.
Gov Monitor –
The social spread of autism diagnoses « Social Capital Blog
By socialcapital 
What Bearman did present on was findings resulting from pairing millions of birth records with autismdiagnoses in California; he and coauthors found that over 50% of the increase in autism in California in recent years may be spread 
Social Capital Blog –

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Dr Philipl Landrigan Interview – Causes of Autism ADHD Asthma 
The National Children’s Health Study should help determine the causes of a range of childhood ailments, from autism to ADHD and asthma.…news/…/dr-philip-landrigan-0420

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