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February 23, 2010

Autism signs appear in babies’ first year, but parents don’t notice, study finds
Los Angeles Times (blog)
The social disengagement that is the hallmark of autism-spectrum disorders begins to appear in the second half of a baby’s first year of life, according to 
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Vaccine-Autism Study Is Withdrawn
Voice of America
The study, published twelve years ago, suggested a link between autism and the vaccine against mumps, measles and rubella. A British doctor led that study. 
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House Denies Insurance Coverage for Treatment of Autistic Children
Senator Howell’s bill would have required insurance companies in Virginia to cover the diagnosis and treatment of autistic children between two and six 
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Autistic man who was jailed 13 months awaits housing
Toronto Sun
Ken McEwan suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism, has the emotional IQ of a seven-year-old and is prone to violent outbursts. 
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Autism hero Grandin celebrates different methods of thinking
Ithaca Journal
Those on the autistic spectrum may face particular cognitive and sensory challenges, but can make important contributions, she said. 
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Gene mutation is linked to autism-like symptoms in mice, UT Southwestern 
EurekAlert (press release)
23, 2010 – When a gene implicated in human autism is disabled in mice, the rodents show learning problems and obsessive, repetitive behaviors, 
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Expert: H1N1 Vaccines Do Not Contain Mercury
If you’re a parent concerned about rumors of autism risks from vaccines experts say stop worrying. “There’s been dozens and dozens of studies that have not 
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Anti-bullying bill advances in state Legislature
Boston Globe
It also would mandate that children on the autism spectrum receive training on how to avoid and respond to bullying. A number of autistic children have been 
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Text: Ficano’s State of the County address
The Detroit News
And tonight, I am proudly announcing a new partnership between Wayne County and The AutismAlliance of Michigan. One in every 110 children born today will 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Pickled Politics » Autism in girls
By Rumbold 
But in the developing story of autism – interest in which has increased hugely in the last decade – girls have been neglected. That omission will be remedied this week with the first conference on autistic spectrum disorders in women 
Pickled Politics –
Autism For Girls | The Awl
By Balk 
There’s an interesting article in the Independent on the difficulties of diagnosing autism in girls. I was totally unaware of the link between autism and.
The Awl –
Rethink Autism – ABA Therapy at Home
By Melissa 
In the past, parents of children with autism worldwide had little hope of finding effective and affordable treatment services for their child. Today, parents are discovering that they can now easily apply the latest research to help 
The Autism Education Site –
Panel kills autism treatment coverage mandate | Washington Examiner
Legislation that would have required many Virginia employee health care plans to cover a treatment for autistic children died Tuesday under business and insurance industry claims that its costs would hurt business.
Washington Examiner Site Feed –
Why autism is different for girls | The Autism News
By The Autism News 
With hindsight, Nicky Clark says early signs of autism were present in both her children. The elder one, though very bright, had a love of routine and was not interested in fantasy games like other children. The younger one liked to 
The Autism News –

Google Web Alert for: autism

Autism: Oxytocin improves social behavior of patients, French 
Autism is a disease characterized by difficulties in communicating effectively with other people and developing social relationships.
Oxytocin Hormone May Treat Autism – Neurology (Brain and Nerve 
Explains neurology (brain and nerve) conditions; includes symptoms, causes, medications, diagnosis, treatments, prevention, and prognosis information.
‘Trust Hormone’ May Improve Autism – ScienceNOW
A dose of the “trust hormone” oxytocin may help bring some autistic people out of their shell. Patients with the condition usually have a hard time 

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