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Google News Alert for: autism

January 6, 2010

Study Turns up 10 Autism Clusters in California
ABC News
By Julie Steenhuysen CHICAGO (Reuters) – US researchers have identified 10 locations in California that have double the rates of autism found in surrounding 
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New Papers on Autism and GI Disorders
Age of Autism (blog)
All too often parents are told that their child’s GI symptoms are “normal” for someone with autism, and sent home without further investigation. 
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NH House Backs More Coverage For Autism Treatment
Read more in our Privacy Policy CONCORD, NH (AP) ― New Hampshire’s House wants insurers to cover more treatment programs for autistic children. 
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Therapy center has home environment for kids with autism
January 7, 2009 (WLS) — The best place for children with autism to develop language is at home. A new west suburban therapy center has recreated home 
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Sydney Morning HeraldCartoon trains teach autistic children about emotions
Sydney Morning Herald
It turns out that putting a human face on a cartoon train, bus or tram can help children with autism understand emotions. The head of the University of 
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Solving the Autism: Rising Numbers Point to the Growing Problem of 
PR Newswire (press release)
6 /PRNewswire/ — As many as one in 90 children are today being diagnosed with autism–and autism research continues to focus almost exclusively on genetics 
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Autism workshop set for Jan. 30, 2010
30, the Autism Society Chapter-Kern Autism Network will present “Lanterman Fair Hearing,” a workshop for parents, teachers and anyone working with autistic 
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Parents of autistic children invited to IEP workshop
Sussex Countian
By Submission Lower Delaware Autism Foundation and Delaware’s Parent Information Center will team up to offer parents of children with autism in Sussex 
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Rethink Autism Partners with Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation to Make Research 
PR Newswire (press release)
6 /PRNewswire/ — Rethink Autism announced its partnership with the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation, providing its research-based online autism treatment tools 
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AUTISM Clusters in the South Bay
aParently Speaking (blog)
kay: i help my two year hand make thank you cards (usually she’ll just doodle on it) and write a note in it. Marci: My 7yo daughter has her own personalized 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

The “Autism Clusters”
By Dave Schuler 
CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. researchers have identified 10 locations in California that have double the rates of autism found in surrounding areas, and these clusters were located in neighborhoods with high concentrations of white, 
The Glittering Eye –
Gut disorders and autism: A new consensus statement : Respectful 
By Orac 
One of the key claims of the “autism biomedical” movement is that something about autism derives from or is exacerbated by the gut; i.e., that there is some sort of link between GI problems, particularly inflammatory diseases of the GI 
ScienceBlogs Channel : Medicine & Health –
Autism ‘Clusters’ Linked To Parents’ Education – Democratic 
The results suggest that areas in California with apparently high rates of autism spectrum disorders are probably just places where parents are more likely to obtain a diagnosis for their child, the researchers say. 
Democratic Underground Latest… –
Diet Treatments Questionable for Autism |
By MomLogic Staff 
A new report published in this month’s Pediatrics calls ‘the autism diet’ into question.
MomLogic –
Gene Expression: The geographical distribution of autism in California
By Razib 
Prenatal environmental exposures are among the risk factors being explored for associations with autism. We applied a new procedure combining multiple scan cluster detection tests to identify geographically defined areas of increased 
Gene Expression –

Google Web Alert for: autism

Study turns up 10 autism clusters in California – Yahoo! News
US researchers have identified 10 locations in California that have double the rates of autism found in surrounding areas, and these clusters were located 
Autism ‘Clusters’ Linked to Parents’ Education : NPR
Researchers in California have identified 10 regional clusters where autism rates are roughly double that of surrounding areas. Most of the clusters are in 
Local Environment Not Cause of Autism ‘Clusters’
If some pollutant triggers autism, it’s widespread and not confined to specific geographic areas, finds a study of California autism clusters.
Autism Clusters – Autism and Environment – Autism Causes 
Does new research on autism clusters provide some insight into the environmental triggers of the disease?
Autism Clusters Found in California’s Major Cities: Scientific 
California scientists have identified autism clusters where children are twice as likely to have autismand mostly have highly educated parents.

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