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Google News Alert for: autism

January 27, 2010

Zap2it.comDanes winning as autism advocate in HBO’s ‘Temple Grandin’
Based on a pair of books authored by the now 62-year-old animal science professor and autism advocate — whose rare ability to explain the disorder’s 
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BBC NewsMMR scare doctor to be given verdict on research
BBC News
By Nick Triggle The doctor who first suggested the link between MMR vaccinations and autism is to hear whether he is guilty of unethical research practices. 
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Autism Bill Advances in MO Senate
Ozarks First
A committee in the Missouri Senate passed a bill requiring insurance coverage for autism therapies. Lawmakers say early diagnosis and treatment have been 
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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series to Promote Autism Awareness
Dover has announced the May 16 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event will be called the “AutismSpeaks 400 presented by HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes. 
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Focus: Cleveland Clinic doctor finds brain connection to Autism
CLEVELAND — Science has long known that Autism is some type of developmental disorder in the brain but there’s never been a definitive answer for its cause 
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Siouxland Families Fight For Autism Insurance Coverage
Noah, from Sioux City, is one of the one in every 110 children with some form of Autism. It’s not Noah’s fault that he has Autism
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KATUOre. leads nation in childhood autism, use of therapy dogs
By KATU News and Staff For some children with autism, animal interaction improves their social skills and decreases anxiety. 
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Autism conference set for Friday, Jan. 29, in Alexandria
Alexandria Town Talk
St. Mary’s Residential Training School’s annual autism conference is set for Friday, Jan. 29, at the St. Rita Catholic Church Family Life Center, 
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Families of kids with autism closely watch insurance bill in Mo. Legislature
By contrast, a diagnosis of autism in their daughter more than a year ago isn’t covered at all by health insurance. Rachelle Dauer never dreamed her life 
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Akron school aide placed on leave after allegations of assaulting autistic student
The student, who suffers from severe autism, cannot speak and functions at the level of a toddler, according to his mother. He fell to the hallway floor Jan 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

TRAILER MIX: HBO + Autism = Awards Sweep | Best Week Ever
By Dan Hopper 
HBO’s upcoming film Temple Grandin, starring Claire Danes as a person with autism who apparently accomplishes a bunch of great things, looks so frickin’ awardey, they’re just gonna tack on an Emmy acceptance speech overtop the end 
Best Week Ever –
Autism Blog – autism epidemic science, autism vaccine science 
By Kev 
Writing in Current Opinion in Pediatrics, Landrigan has published ‘what causes autism? Exploring the environmental contribution’ in which he explores what might be a plausible environmental causation. He also touches on genetics and the 
Left Brain/Right Brain –
Eight Year Old with Autism on Terror List: Detained at Airport 
By Age of Autism 
By Sabeeha Rehman My 8 year old grandson Omar, who is on the autism spectrum, was pulled out at the airport and investigated as a terror suspect – his name being similar to that on the watch list. He was…
Rethink Autism Highlights Web-Based Autism Treatment Platform at 
By Rethink Autism Inc. 
Rethink Autism, a web-based curriculum platform for children with autism, will be represented at Florida’s Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD)
SEO Press Releases™ –
CCHR, autism treatment, and “Humane Psychiatry” – Why We Protest 
Dr. Dan L. Edmunds is a psychotherapist and self-described “expert” on autism. DR. DAN L. EDMUNDS-PSYCHOTHERAPY/COUNSELING SERVICES FOR.
Why We Protest | Activism Forum –

Google Web Alert for: autism

The Hunt for an Autism Drug – BusinessWeek
In the early 1990s, Jennifer was diagnosed with autism, and her early childhood was dominated by doctor’s visits. Things got worse in her teens. 
National Autism Association is here to offer information and 
National Autism Association advocates, educates, and empowers those affected by autism spectrum disorders. We will advocate on behalf of those who cannot 

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