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September 6, 2009

Center for Research on Globalization‘It’s The Vaccines, Stupid!’
Center for Research on Globalization
It has been speculated for some time that there might be a link in the alarming rise in cases of autism among tiny infants and children and massive multiple 
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Schools cope with challenge of educating autistic students
Colorado Springs Gazette
Three of her five sons — an 11-year-old and 9 year old twins — have autism spectrum disorder, and over the years, she and her husband, Patrick, 
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Dr. Mark Hyman on HuffPo: Why Current Thinking About Autism is 
Age of Autism
Autism is caused by poor mothering.” That was the belief of the medical community until the late 1960s. “Autism is a genetic brain disorder. 
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Examiner.comTreatment strategies for curing autism nutritionally
There are a lot of theories out there on how to treat autistic spectrum kids. Unfortunately, a lot of them sound a little too out there or the results are 
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Deputies help autistic children’s mom hunt for ‘Marley’
Rome Sentinel
Marley was trained as a service dog for children with autism. Both Ethan Stirling, age 7, and Dalton Stirling, age 4, have been diagnosed with autism
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Examiner.comDisclosing the best kept secret of autism
What’s the best-kept secret of autism? Well, it may very well be the one that you’re keeping. Whether you’re a parent of a child with ASD, or someone with 
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Rebuilding the ‘Grammar Machinery’ in Autistic Children, Part 1
The Epoch Times
“Dr. Harry,” as his spectrum [autism spectrum disorder] patients call him, does not work alone. Besides teaming up with Columbia University Medical Center 
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Website helps with autistic children
Bonnie Hayes has been teaching children with autism at Ashford High School for four years. As many teachers would agree, it is not the same as teaching 
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What Parents of Kids with Autism Know
About – News & Issues
From time to time, commenters on this blog say something like “if you were the parent of a child with autism, you’d know I’m right. 
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Ralph Stanley, Donna the Buffalo highlight concert for autism
Youngstown Vindicator
GARRETTSVILLE — The National Autism Association — Northeast Ohio Chapter (NAA-NEO) will present its music festival Sunday at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, 
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Autism and Yard Sales | autisable
Yard sales to raise funds for Charity, or those families who have children with special needs. –
Kathleen Desmaisons Sugar Addiction – General Autism Discussion
Wrong Planet – Aspergers and Autism Community.  Post new topic · Reply to topic · Wrong Planet Forums Forum Index -> General Autism Discussion, All times are GMT – 5 Hours. Page 1 of 1 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums –
Service Dog Swiped; Parents Turn to Biz : Autism Vox – Autism from 
By Jeff Stimpson 
Both young boys in the home have autism, and the mom says finding the right dog for her boys took two years, and paid quick dividends: the dog recently broke his chain to get to one boy who headed for the road. The dog cost $800, 
Autism Vox –
Squidalicious: Wanted: Your Questions About Rethink Autism
By Squid 
In case you haven’t seen Rethink Autism, it is a new online program for delivering video-based ABA therapy training, collaborative data tracking — and really good, compassionate, sensible information about autism in general — to 
Squidalicious –
Why Current Thinking about Autism is Completely Wrong |
Autism is caused by poor mothering.” That was the belief of the medical community until the late 1960s. – Personal. Social. Global. –

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