Snapshot | Google alerts – autism | Circa June 29, 2009 #AutisticHistory

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Google News Alert for: autism

Holistic Medicine Used To Treat Autism
WSMV – Nashville,TN,USA
A Vanderbilt University study is backing what parents of autistic children may have suspected for years. There is a possible link between autism and 
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Supreme Court rejects appeal from Ohio parents of autistic boy
Canton Repository – Canton,OH,USA
AP The Supreme Court is leaving in place an appeals court ruling that an autistic child from Ohio is not entitled to private education at taxpayer expense. 
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Miami Dolphins tight end, Glen Ridge native Anthony Fasano helps 
The Star-Ledger – – Newark,NJ,USA
by Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger In New Jersey, one in 92 children has autism. In the rest of the nation, that figure is one in 150. 
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New York TimesReading Into It: Will’s Wisdom
New York Times – United States
He writes about running a small business and raising his son, who has autism. We purchased our bookstore in Maplewood in November, and closed it temporarily 
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Chromosome abnormality tied to autistic behavior in mice
Tehran Times – Iran
Mice with an extra chromosome region inherited from their fathers display many behaviors seen in people with autism, a finding that suggests that the same 
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DVD teaches autistic kids what a smile means
Pottstown Mercury – Pottstown,PA,USA
By Maria Cheng AP Medical Writer LONDON — It wasn’t until Jude met Jenny that the 3-year-old autistic boy understood what happy people look like. 
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Modern MedicineStudy Highlights Autism’s Genetic Complexity Researchers identify 
Modern Medicine – Woodcliff Lake,NJ,USA
MONDAY, June 29 (HealthDay News) — A study comparing genetic samples of autistic and normal children has identified 27 different genetic regions where 
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NJ.comAutism blueprint drawn up at The North Ward Center – NJ,USA
by Bruno Tedeschi More than 200 advocates, leaders and parents in the autismcommunity gathered at The North Ward Center to begin the process of developing 
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New Alabama laws affect cancer treatment, mias, autistic services
WHNT – Huntsville,AL,USA
(AP) — New state laws taking effect Wednesday will provide more care for women with cancer, coordinate services for Alabamians with autism, and use state 
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Insuring for autism
Baltimore Sun – United States
1:00-2:00 pm: What happens when children with autism become adults with autism? What insurance coverage should be available for children and adults with the 
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Google Blogs Alert for: autism

Autism – Autism Therapy Fatigue
By Kristina Chew 
The relative of an autistic girl asks if there’s such a thing as “therapy fatigue” in a letter published in the Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation: …..I noticed that the child is always tir…’s Autism Blog –
Disability News | » News Archive » Autism 
By Patricia Bauer 
Experts say that sixteen states and Washington, D.C., have mandates for insurance coverage for autism or other developmental disorders, and momentum is growing. Many self-insured employers are also getting on board, even though they are 
Disability News | –
AGE OF AUTISM: 14 Studies Part 3: Ladies and Gentlemen, Take Your 
By Kim Stagliano 
By Julie Obradovic Part 3 in the 14 Studies Series Okay, we’re almost ready to begin. As you know, there are very distinct positions regarding Autism; what it is, what causes it, and whether or not it is treatable. If…
Do-It-Yourself ABA Site: What’s Your Opinion?
Last week a new autism-related website launched with the name “Rethink Autism.” While the name is similar to the sexy site I blogged about last week, the content is radically different. In essence, Rethink Autism is an online tutorial Autism –
DEADLY IMMUNITY–Hiding the Data on Vaccines and Autism « Journal 
By Augie 
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and its WHO/CDC counterparts and their Big Pharma partners have covered up convincing evidence of the vaccine-autism connection. When a study revealed that mercury in childhood 
Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional… –

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