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Google alerts – Autism | May 29, 2011

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Autism: A Disability or Disorder?
Autism Key (blog)
As we all know, the vaccine-autism debate can often be as virulent as the diseases the vaccines are intended to prevent. But equally as rancorous is the debate of whether autism is a disability or a disorder. The question cuts to the heart of issues 
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Autism Key (blog)
Autism trust plans new initiative
Trade Arabia
Autism Trust Foundation, a global outreach body, plans to launch a unique initiative to support autism centres. A major aim of the foundation is to extend support to autistic children by supporting autism centres to have advanced facilities in addition 
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An incredible Mother’s Day gift from a child with autism
Brownsville Herald
Several years ago, it was not unusual for professionals to state that a child with autism could never remember a person or acknowledge them later in life. Some medical professionals would even comment that the child rearing of the parents, 
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Art of autism book features Utah artist
Deseret News
Following years of misdiagnosis, Diez’s struggles were finally identified as high-functioning autism. According to Autism Speaks, the nation’s largest autismadvocacy group, autism is an array of complex developmental brain disorders. 
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Deseret News
A trip to Chicago, autism syle-conclusion
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
My son has autism. He saved his money for this trip, he’s sick, we are going home tomorrow, and he needs to sing one song. Maybe during a commercial? ” “Sure,” he says without hesitation.”Come on over here, Matthew,” walking him to the stage. 
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San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Footie match for autistic Clayton-le-Moors boy
Lancashire Telegraph
AN AUTISTIC boy will receive specialist equipment thanks to a fundraising football match organised by the police. Four-year-old Harrison Boyle, from Clayton-le-Moors, has different needs from most boys his age to help communicate and interact with 
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Could Repetitive Autistic Behaviors Actually be Useful?
Opposing Views
When our autistic children struggle with the various common modes of communication such as speech, pictures, and so on, we know we can often get a sense of what they want or need by their behaviors. The more we work on refining and honing our abilities 
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Opposing Views
GPS-enabled device to help track autistic kids
Hindustan Times
Sahil, 20, is autistic and was untraceable for more than half an hour after his classes at SPJ Sadhana School, a school for children with special “Autistic children have the tendency to wander. Thankfully, Sahil’s teacher spotted him roaming near the 
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Marimba talent ‘an extraordinary gift’ for man with autism
Wisconsin State Journal
Ricardo, 32, was diagnosed with autism as a child and today frequently performs solo concerts throughout the area. CRAIG SCHREINER — State Journal When: June 21 – 7 pm in Rosewood Villas’ courtyard garden, 902 N. High Point Road; June 23 – 6:30 pm at 
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On autism awareness and Betty Castor’s influence
By Ernest Hooper, Metro Columnist Described as a poignant narrative that follows two men with autism, Wretches & Jabbers makes its Tampa debut in June. Produced and directed by Academy Award winner Gerardine Wurzburg, the documentary will be screened 
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Autism Blog – College students on the autism spectrum: Prevalence 
By Sullivan
A recent study by a team at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University has investigated the prevalence of autism within a university population. The paper, College students on the autismspectrum: Prevalence and associated 
Left Brain/Right Brain –
Autism Treatment Center – Autism Research and the Worthwhile 
By Admin
Autism Treatment Center. For all the improvement in diagnostic processes, there is small who can be completed to godsend an autistic child deal in on this disorder. There are lots of proposed treatments for autism, and a few medications 
Biomedical Research –
Facing Autism in New Brunswick: Dear USA: This Canadian Father 
By Autism Reality NB
“in order to continue meeting the needs of people with autism, the Combating Autism Act must be fully reauthorized. We still have a long way to go. Working collaboratively with important partners, the Affordable Care Act and the 
Facing Autism in New Brunswick –
Wikipedia definition of PDD_NOS – General Autism Discussion
[edit] HistorySwiss psychologist Eugen Bleuler first used Autism about 100 years ago[when?] while defining signs of schizophrenia. Autism comes from the Greek word αὐτός (autós), meaning self.[2] Because the word refers to egocentric 
Wrong Planet Asperger / Autism Forums –

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