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December 4, 2009

Four autism treatments that worry physicians
Los Angeles Times
Medical experts said that the therapies have not been proved to help children with autism and that each also carries risks. What it is: Antibodies culled 
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Babies’ Faces May Hold Key To Autism Diagnosis
They hope to identify which babies are at highest risk of autism, months and years before young children show the first signs of the disorder. 
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A Fight For Autism Is Headed To Albany
The fight to improve services for autistic children in New York is getting a big push. A group of educators, doctors, and parents came together for the 
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New technology helps doctors diagnose autism
December 4, 2009 (WLS) — Cutting-edge technology is helping doctors diagnose autism in babies as young as 3 months old. The key is how infants read their 
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WBNG-TVCommunity Concerns Over Proposed Autism Home
By WBNG News Two disability agencies are looking to construct a group home for autistic children in Binghamton, but the proposal is running into some heat 
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‘The Nutcracker’ Cast Rehearses For The Autistic
Kai Jackson reports for families with an autistic loved one, that simple pleasure was worth more than gold Friday. People lined up to get their tickets for 
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New study about diagnosing autism in infancy
Dr. Ami Klin of Yale Child Study developed eye tracking techniques to study autism nearly 10 years ago. It was innovative technology utilized for 
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College Heights HeraldTones for charity: Concert to raise money for child with autism
College Heights Herald
Caden has autism, and his family is hoping to raise money for a service dog. The family is still far from their goal, but the Amazing Tones of Joy fall 
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TopNews United StatesGovernor Nixon and Republicans Demand Coverage for AutismTreatment
TopNews United States
Nixon from pledging that 2010 “will be the year that autism coverage becomes mandatory in Missouri”. Citing various examples where taking care of Autistic 
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Early Intervention Offers Hope for Toddlers With Autism
December 4, 2009 — The first randomized controlled trial of comprehensive early intervention to be tested in toddlers with autism has established proof of 
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Push for mandated insurance coverage for autism begins
By Jessica Machetta 
Governor Nixon is pushing the importance of autism legislation; he made stops in Jefferson City, Springfield and St. Louis with legislative sponsors of a bill that would mandate insurance coverage for treatment and diagnosis, 
Missourinet –
Combating Autism Act (CAA) – Funding Allocations
Presidents Fiscal 2010 budget includes some allocations for Autism.
Disabled World –
Autism Hope in Action Conference January 30, San Francisco – AGE 
By Age of Autism 
Welcome Parents and Caregivers! Nourishing Hope presents a one-day empowering workshop to educate parents about the most current integrative healing strategies for children with autism. The conference features Dr. Kurt Woeller, 
Autism therapy needs coverage, Gov. Nixon says | The Autism News
By The Autism News 
The Springfield mother, who has two children with autism, used a tissue to dab her eyes after hearing Gov. Jay Nixon and state legislators say they were determined to make those with autismeligible for insurance coverage for the 
The Autism News –
Autism Support Group to hear Babcock – Breaking News – Ledger 
Dr. Bob Babcock will speak to the Muscogee County Autism Support Group on Dec. 8. His topic will be: “Social skill intervention in schools – What does the research literature suggest we should be doing.” Breaking News –

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Mind Hacks: Autism, desperation and untested treatments
The Chicago Tribune has just published two important articles on how untested and potentially dangerous medical treatments are being used on autistic 
NeuroLogica Blog » Answering Some Autism Questions
Harold asks some very important questions about the alleged autism-vaccine link and research priorities, and I am happy for the opportunity to clarify my 
Marijuana And Autism – The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
Marijuana And Autism. A fascinating story that should lead to more research and  Listed below are links to weblogs that reference ‘Marijuana And Autism‘ 
Autism Speaks, Press Updates, Early Intervention For Toddlers With 
(November 30, 2009) – A novel early intervention program for very young children with autism – some as young as 18 months – is effective for improving IQ, 
Early Intervention Very Effective For Toddlers With Autism, Small 
A small US study involving toddlers diagnosed with autism, some as as young as 18 months old, showed that intensive early intervention delivered by trained 

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