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Vaccines Do NOT Cause Autism

Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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Screenshot of transcript with Jeff Sell from the Autism Society of America board. Full text below.

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  Jeff Sell, JD, ASA Board  “TITLE: Vaccine Injuries: Legal Issues and Autism 

Tuesday, October 22nd at 7 p.m. (Eastern),

 Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Rebecca:  Jeff Sell, JD, ASA Board, Vaccine Injuries:  Legal Issues and Autism

Rebecca:  Hello and Welcome to our talkAutism Specialty Chat. If you have a question for our Host Guest Speaker, Jeff Sell, JD, ASA Board, Vaccine Injuries:  Legal Issues and Autism. Just type a “?” in the room. The names will be taken in order received. When you are cued, Please hold your questions until ready to post. Thanks!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Howdy–sorry I’m late

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Ready to start–thanks for coming

Lemho: Jeff, do you have a child who is autistic?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yep–8 year-old twins.

Rebecca:  Lemho, Lets let Jeff start with a brief introduction, Then we can post a ? if we have questions 😉

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Hi Ron–here is my bio, 1st VP of ASA, Gov’t Relations Committee Chair, Founder of the Vaccine Injury Alliance and DAD of 4

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: DAD of 4 little ones being the most important–cue me when we are ready–ok Ms Moderator?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Well, I am ready to answer any questions y’all may have and make cheeky comments about Ron, where shall we begin–Questions?

CL_Dusty: Mr. Sell I was reading about the series of shots, 15 since birth, I may have missed something, but those shots because how they are given out maybe one of the causes of autism? Is that what you were explaining

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–that is the theory that has emerged.

CL_Dusty: Ok so the amounts given out or the timing?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: There are two separate, but related theories— 1. The MMR, and 2. Thimerosal

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Thimerosal is 49.6 % ethyl mercury, not a good thing to be injecting into a developing child all agree.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I am a slow typist!!!!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Great discussion at our website- 

Moderator: Patti has a question Jeff

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Fire away

Moderator: ( think Patti is busy typing )

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: She types like I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Just teasing Patti

Pattib:  Are you informed as to any of the current lawsuits pending?  I am not participating but I feel this will force the truth.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–I am handling 1864 of them presently.

Moderator:  class action?

Lemho:  Lord have mercy

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: They have swallowed my life over the past 3 years

Donnac: We are grateful to you buddy 🙂

Lemho:  amen

CL_Dusty: What I don’t understand is… it’s clear there’s a cause here.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Just doing what a dad of autistic twins needs to do !!!!!!!

Pattib:  I bet they have are you making progress towards the truth.

CL_Dusty: Why are parents feeling forced to do this? The school’s policy? Our gov’t ???

Rebecca: ( public school policies here )

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Mandated vaccines with very little safety studies behind them in a nutshell.

CL_Dusty: That’s what I don’t understand.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I fear it all boils down to $$$$$$$$$

CL_Dusty: So we are injecting our children with poison?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Vaccinations are a billion dollar industry.

Donnac: And we have expenses out the wazoo that nobody wants to help with so we gotta hit em where it counts.

CL_Dusty:  Yet if we don’t we get arrested because our children have to go to school. ugh

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Mercury was technically removed in 1999, but some vaccines with mercury are still on the shelves.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Dusty, there are exemptions in every state.

CL_Dusty:  Enlighten me plueez.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: What state are you in??  If I may ask?

CL_Dusty:  North Carolina

CL_Dusty: Pay out the nose for medical care in North Carolina.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: NC has a religious exemption–I am a Catholic and that is what I used for my 5 yr old daughter.

Pattib: Do you have anything to link vaccinations and moms having dental work done while pregnant specifically? Do you know when the warnings came out telling dentists not to use amalgam on pregnant or lactating women?

CL_Dusty:  sorry not catholic here

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I asserted the exemption (there is aborted fetal tissue in some vaccines) and no questions were asked!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Any religion will do just fine.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Patti–yes, we sure do.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Dental amalgam is a separate area, but we do have moms that had dental work done.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Warnings–First came out in 1998

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Safety is still being argued–Congress may act on the amalgam issue very soon.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Good question!!!!

Ron: I read on your bio that if you think your child was injured by vaccines, you only have up to 3 years to do anything about it.  Is there any way around this?  What proof do you need to file a suit?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I am more focused on vaccines however.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Ok–good question

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: No, not unless HR 3741 passes.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: The 3 yr limitations period is an unfair rule in the context of regressive autism.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: HR 3741 will make the NVICP fairer, as it was intended by Congress to be.

Ron: If you are in the 3 year period, what kind of proof do you need?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Peer reviewed studies generally speaking.

Pattib: How close are you to the truth from the government?

Ron:  Jeff, what does peer reviewed studies mean to families?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: VERY CLOSE thanks to our friends in Congress with autistic Grandchildren.

Rebecca:  aha! guess it has hit home huh

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: The FDA is producing 3.6 million pages of documents next week–yuk, a lot of reading to do.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–amazing what happens when folks are touched by autism–They do the right thing.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–Ron–does that mean you want to ask a question????

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: or explain a bit more???

Ron: Sorry for the extra?

Guest101: Jeff, will any of the lawsuits that have been filed as of now be going thru to trial, our atty in nys has referred us to the nvic, as Ashcroft has stifled the existing procedure somewhat???

Ron: Yes — what can families do to provide info needed for their own case?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: OK

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–all cases must go into the NVICP to start with
Moderator:  What is NVICP?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Then, if the claim is denied or not enough $$ is offered, you have preserved your rights and off to civil court you go.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: oops–the NVICP stands for the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program created in 1986.

Guest101: I guess we must backtrack and start there…we did not have a real adverse reaction to any particular vaccine but still ended up with autism. I did not know how an nvic suit would work in that case.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: It is more difficult if there was not a clear regression.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: But, if evaluated mercury levels are detected or gut issues present, our experts can explain.

Guest101: There was a clear regression, but not any obvious adverse reaction to one or a combo. of vaccines, no fever, rash, etc.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Did the regression coincide with a series of vaccines??? or a particular event?

Guest101: He regressed slowly from about a year old into moderate to severe autism, not from a particular event.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Sounds like my son Joe.

Guest101: He is chelating and has passed a significant amount of metal including mercury.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: We have since done a biopsy and discovered the measles virus in his gut–the Andy Wakefield theory.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Chelating with DMSA and ALA??

Guest105: Are you using Glutathyon?

Guest101: Austin will end up at Dr Kreigsman’s in NYC sooner than later for the same scope! and yes dmsa/ala and supposed to start mt promoter in December.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Hope you are seeing positive behavioral changes as well as getting the mercury out!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Dr Krigsman is a friend and great doc.

Pattib: How about a child who in Dec 92 got the hib shot at birth? Aren’t there specific problems with that one so early? We also have regression but I can’t say he was ever ok. But he’s definitely worse now

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: No on the Glutithion question

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Now the 1992 question…  More problems with the HepB at birth!!

Donnac: Yes, How is HR 3741 doing right now?

Pattib: That’s the one I mean sorry.

Guest105: We have had great success with that as well seeing Dr. Bock

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: But Hib did have 25 mcg of mercury in it.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes, we have several HepB cases. That one really bothers me

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Why give it at birth if we are not in a high risk category?

Rebecca: agrees whole-heartedly.

Guest105: well said

Pattib: Can or do you say that that one started the spiral downward and the rest were just icing on the cake

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I was not worried about my guys shooting up or having sex at 1 day old!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–started the immune problems clearly!!!!

Guest105: You are in Texas though.

Pattib: As I stated I don’t think he was ever ok

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yep, but I have cases in all 50, plus the UK and Canada.

Rebecca: ( why can not some immunizations wait till the babies gain better immune systems, esp with preemies )

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I like friends!!!!!!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Rebecca–AMEN

Amanda: My son was a preemie and we waited a few weeks on some of his immunizations.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: We can wait

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Wise medical choice

Donnac: How is HR 3741 doing right now?

 Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: As a result of this litigation I hope to see 2 things
1–safer vaccine policy (not one size fits all) and 2. A TREATMENT

Guest105: If we filed originally under the MMR cases are we automatically grandfathered into the mercury issue if we can prove mercury was used simultaneously.

Callyflower: Does mercury have to be coming out in huge amounts to have a viable case?  Mercury has come out in steady, moderate amounts.  However, tin was WAY off the charts, for quite a while during chelation.  And gut bugs—don’t get me started!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: 105–Yes, we are doing that

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Callyflower–steady amounts are evidence.

Callyflower: oh, good!

 Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Does not need to be huge amounts.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–CC&H is working with our team–

Guest105: So far we have chelated around 38 micrograms of mercury.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: wow–that is a lot of Hg

Guest105: That is just what we caught

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Should have never been used as a preservative in the first place!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Good point, how much passed naturally?

Snowbear: ( I hear some people say they want SAFE vaccines but others argue for NO vaccines saying none are safe or very effective, so what is the general thing you advocate? ‘you’ means your group or asa, not necessarily you personally. )

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Whew, I’m getting dizzy–did I miss any questions?

Guest105: No clue been at this over a year

Snowbear: Did you see it? I think I just hit ‘think message’

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: SAFE VACCINES!!!!!

Jennyw94: Jeff you missed Donnac, she asked how hr 3741 is coming along

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: No Thimerosal and split the MMR until I see just 1 safety study, just 1.

Guest105: That is where most of us are

Snowbear: Are there any safe vaccines as an example?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: OK–HR 3741 is moving very well

Guest105: No one really believes in no vaccines just safety.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Some say “no vaccines” I promise

Guest105: Jeff we sent a message to Forrester today telling him he either publicly denounces Frist our he loses our support.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Beth Clay was just at my house this past weekend

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: HR 3741 may get out of Committee soon

Guest105: A republican in your house

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Ha Ha!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Go figure

Pattib: Do you have to chelate under a Dr’s care and test for the mercury to get proff? Now my pediatrician looks me right in the eye and says it’s not the vaccines that caused this. Vaccines are safe. So he really isn’t helping me chelate. So I will have no evidence.

 Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I would suggest finding a new doc if you can.   People tell me that all the time.

Pattib: Any ideas in western mass?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I bet I can find you one.

Guest105: How far from Albany?

Guest105: Dr. Boch is just south.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Have you checked the DAN list on the ARI website?

Jteague: My son was a preemie and the hospital still gave him the hep b vaccine.  Then all during his well checks his ped kept giving him all of his vaccines even though he was on antibiotics for ear infections.  He just recently at 3 1/2 stopped getting ear infections.

 Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Oh, Tim Buie is in Boston!

Ron: DAN doctors and others can be found geographically in expert Find

Guest105: Great!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Thanks Ron!!

Pattib: No I thought dan docs were few and far between.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: H2epB to a preemie is a problem.

Jteague: He was 6 weeks early

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: wow

Jteague: How would I know if it was the vaccines

Jodi1687: my was 15 weeks early

Guest105: 6 weeks early and got vaccines

 Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Dr Bock–is good I hear

Jteague: that caused his autism

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Do you think they did?

Guest105: Yes Jeff he really cares and works with many heart patients as well

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Evelated mercury levels are the first indication

Jteague: I don’t know, I want to say they did but, how would I find out?

Guest105: Been doing chelation for over 15 years

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Wow–experience surely matter

Jteague: What is chelation?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Chelation is used to remove heavy metals

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: DMSA and ALA are what is commonly used

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: yes

Momtobandj: Is there some place to find out what types of cases you are taking?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: my website…  or just e-mail me

Jteague: We just found out in April that T has autism.  Where do we go in Tennessee for testing?  Or help for that matter for the vaccine injury?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: We have cases in TN.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Now, for a good doc, I would need to contact a friend.

Jennyw94: I am sure mercury is the culprit for my child, but had him tested and there was no mercury in his system.  Will that hinder the case — does that mean mercury isn’t to blame?  If not the mercury, could it be the MMR –I hadn’t been really thinking in that direction.  But I know the regression was happening over the course of the vaccines.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: No, not necessarily a problem. Depends on how long the mercury was in his system.

Amanda: Mercury causes autism?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: and where it is stored–ie–hard to dram out of the brain in older kids

Jennyw94: He was 1-2 years old over the course of all those shots, had the blood test at around age 4-5.

Autismom30: Michelle here we met in Washington unlocking autism rep Michigan.

Pattib: Are you suing the dr’s and vaccine manufactures or a better question did the doctors know any better was it there responsibility?

Jteague: We noticed a regression about the time that T had his MMR but, I have never paid any attention to the fact that it happened around the same time.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Hey, Jenny, what kind of testing was done?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Just the Manufacturers

Pattib: Did the doctors know better?

Jennyw94: Jeff, blood test. Other than that I am afraid I am a bit ignorant.  I just told them I wanted him tested for mercury, and they drew blood –as for any particular test, I’d have to get a copy of is records.

Autismom30: I seen some talk about blindness & eye disorders on other chat sight u herd anything about it

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Docs are hard to blame since they have been doing what the FDA, CDC and NIH recommend.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–on the blindness issues

Guest10: Getting those 3 to change is our real problems

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yep–that is true, but I’m not giving up

Guest105: neither am I

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: AMEN

Guest105: When are we doing another conference together?

Autismom30: Blake was diagnosed with dewayns syndrome after his mmr where he has no peripheral vision his eyes were fine till then.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I know your not 105!!!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I have seen that in the literature

Pattib:  I listen to cnbc alot and they are always talking about pharmaceutical co’s and never mention pending litigation on vaccine issues in other words, their stock prices go down
Autismom30: Like he sustained damage to his eye socket his is diagnosed as of unknown origin

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: What –change it to Jeff and spell it the right way!!!!!!

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Just did an interview with ABC–hope CNBC gets on board too.

Autismom30: I also received the paper work to fill out from the texal law firm on going after the pharmaceutical companies I need to go get Blake tested for mercury & he’s been recently diagnosed with gastro problems

Pattib:  when will we see the interview

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: don’t know–this fall I am told

Snowbear: Is the vaccine injury compensation program different for each state or the same for the entire US?

Autismom30: Blake like many of the kids missed the three yr limit to report to vaccine compensation

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Pieces aired in Dallas on WFAA a few weeks ago

Autismom30: herd about it way to late

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: No it is a Federal Program

Jteague: How old do you have to be to report to the vaccine compensation?

Autismom30: but I reported the mmr reaction to his doctors aren’t they suppossed to report it?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: The NVICP is set up under the US Court of Federal Claims in DC

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: any age

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: We have adults and children as clients

Jteague:  what is the 3 yr limit then?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board:3 years from the first manifestation of injury

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: It will change to 6 soon

Autismom30: cant I get him in the vaccine compensation under the paper I have from his neurologist where I reported it & his doc put mmr in the paper work?

Pattib:  still too late

Jteague:  WOW!!!  I am very interested in finding out about this.  How would I know which one caused his injury?

Moderator:  . o O ( Sorry to say that our hr is up, we can and will have a transcript of this on the Autism boards )

Austismcampaign2:  Do you know where the FRIST BILL is standing right now?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: It is a fact question in all cases, never say never until a good lawyer looks at your situation

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: The First Bill is dead

Jteague:  Thank Goodness….I voted against it!!!!!!!

Pattib:  How can I report it when I had all assurances from my Dr that vaccines weren’t the problem

Jteague:  and I am from TN

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: A compromise bill is on my desk–drafted by Sen. Kennedy

Ron:  Jeff- thanks a lot for a real interesting chat — we want to get you home to the family at some point too

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Thank you Ron and Rebecca

Austismcampaign2:  How do we get a copy of the script since I missed most of it due to work 😦

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Anyone can e-mail me anytime

Mark:  it will be posted on autism

Ron:  Great job, Jeff and moderator.  Give us a week to get the transcript posted on , and 

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: oops–anyone going to DAN–look me up

Cangeoff:  Jeff we have a bill in Trenton s1855 to add a $1.00 surcharge to motor vehicle violations to fund autism research.

Autismom30: Jeff if u report a vaccine injury to your doctor do they have an obligation to report it to vaccine injury?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: yes–docs must report

Austismcampaign2:  My child with autism is almost five and I have just figured out since April she is vaccine injured can I still claim it

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I love s1855

Autismom30: I was wondering if I could get Blake in a loop hole maybe lol cause it was technically reported just didn’t know about nvic back then

Cangeoff:  we are through health committees now need appropriations

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Yes–you can still file–we would take the case I bet

Snowbear:   thank you Jeff. I will read the transcripts. Are we allowed to post transcripts in other autism groups? or should be put a link to someplace here?

Jteague:  What kind of information does your firm need to take a case?

Austismcampaign2:  I have the hair metal test done already and metabolic testing if that helps

Mark:  Jeff, you ought to have someone from your office post over on the boards in talk Autism board area a few links

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: We have a New Case Inquiry form on my website

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Can do

Ron:  Snowbear, there will be a link here, but you can cut and paste elsewhere as well


Austismcampaign2:  I have the hair metal test done already and metabolic testing if that helps”

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: That would help and send a copy

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Moldy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Austismcampaign2:  ok I will, do many send that in with their form??

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Still in the rent house

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: argghhhhhh

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Don’t go there

Jteague:  what kind of mold is it?

Cangeoff:  no wonder you don’t return phone calls

Cangeoff:  lol

Hrk:  My daughter is just a year old and not formally diagnosed with autism yet.  She has all of the age-appropriate symptoms and we have been working with a DAN doctor. Her problems started after her 2 month vaccines and got progressively worse.  Because she had 4 shots at the same time I cannot point to which vaccines caused the problem.  Is it worth perusing?  Thanks.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: toxic black mold–staccyobactris(sic)

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Hrk–if you think it is, I do as well

Austismcampaign2:  Jeff are there any specific files you need to file?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Hrk–I think we could help–I would take a look at your situation if you wish

Hrk:  There is no doubt in my mind that it is vaccine related. I have paperwork from NVIC but haven’t filed yet.  Her pediatrician will not support us.

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: The VAERS reporting paperwork you mean??

Austismcampaign2:  or any that you would like us to send with the form and what is the cost

Hrk:  Yes, VAERS

Austismcampaign2:  like medical records etc if so which ones do you like to see besides hair metal, which I know, would be important

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I need to get home, so if anyone needs me, my e-mail is   OK?

Jteague:  no joke.  This was great….and I just found it by mistake from the email community

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: NO COST!!!!!!!

Cangeoff:  Jeff I want to discuss CCand H more they are not following up and Danny has huge data

Ron:  Cangeoff — Toronto is Geneva Center convention

Ron:  1800 people plus…

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: CC&H has some issue–let’s talk tomorrow — OK

Austismcampaign2:  really none at all what is the percentage you get when it settles

Austismcampaign2:  I will send the forms in thanks you made this alot easier for me to decide

Austismcampaign2:  Jeff are you sure you will take my case?

Austismcampaign2:  I tried a lawyer here and he would not touch it

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: Need the right lawyer!!!!!!!

Austismcampaign2:  he was one of the highest paid lawyers here

Austismcampaign2:  true thanks for the vote of confidence

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: wow–experienced in the NVICP???????

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: I’ll certainly take a look at it

Austismcampaign2:  can I ask one more I promise then I will leave you alone?

Austismcampaign2:  Do lawyers have to take these cases or can they choose who they take?

Jeff_Sell_JD_ASA_Board: They can pick and choose–just like we parents can pick and choose our lawyers.

Austismcampaign2:  ummmmmmm that is kinda sad in a way because there would probably be more that would file…. But I am grateful I found one who does

Austismcampaign2:  I just hope when you decide to help me when you get my application, you do know me

Austismcampaign2:  Have a great night Jeff; Thanks again for the information you have been great!


Autistic people have fought the inclusion of ABA in therapy for us since before Autism Speaks, and other non-Autistic-led autism organizations, started lobbying legislation to get it covered by insurances and Medicaid. 

ABA is a myth originally sold to parents that it would keep their Autistic child out of an institution. Today, parents are told that with early intervention therapy their child will either be less Autistic or no longer Autistic by elementary school, and can be mainstreamed in typical education classes. ABA is very expensive to pay out of pocket. Essentially, Autism Speaks has justified the big price tag up front will offset the overall burden on resources for an Autistic’s lifetime. The recommendation for this therapy is 40 hours a week for children and toddlers.

The original study that showed the success rate of ABA to be at 50% has never been replicated. In fact, the study of ABA by United States Department of Defense was denounced as a failure. Not just once, but multiple times. Simply stated: ABA doesn’t workIn study after repeated study: ABA (conversion therapy) doesn’t work. 

What more recent studies do show: Autistics who experienced ABA therapy are at high risk to develop PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions. Historically, the autism organizations promoting ABA as a cure or solution have silenced Autistic advocates’ opposition. ABA is also known as gay conversion therapy.

The ‘cure’ for Autistics not born yet is the prevention of birth. 

The ‘cure’ is a choice to terminate a pregnancy based on ‘autism risk.’ The cure is abortion. This is the same ‘cure’ society has for Down Syndrome. 

This is eugenics 2021. Instead of killing Autistics and disabled children in gas chambers or ‘mercy killings’ like in Aktion T4, it’ll happen at the doctor’s office, quietly, one Autistic baby at a time. Different approaches yes, but still eugenics and the extinction of an entire minority group of people.

Fact: You can’t cure Autistics from being Autistic.

Fact: You can’t recover an Autistic from being Autistic.

Fact: You can groom an Autistic to mask and hide their traits. Somewhat. … however, this comes at the expense of the Autistic child, promotes Autistic Burnout (this should not be confused with typical burnout, Autistic Burnout can kill Autistics), and places the Autistic child at high risk for PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions.

[Note: Autism is NOT a disease, but a neurodevelopmental difference and disability.]

Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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