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Publications: 2007

In addition to leveraging their AS/CAN/NAAR-funded studies to earn larger autism research grants from the National Institutes of Health and other sources, researchers funded by AS/CAN/NAAR have experienced significant success publishing their studies in numerous scientific journals and books. These publications play a key role in enhancing the scientific community’s understanding of autism spectrum disorders and elevating the caliber of the science. 

Autism Speaks is proud to present this partial list of articles that have resulted from AS/CAN/NAAR-funded research from 1996 to 2007. The funded researchers are listed in bold

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Adolphs R. (2007) Looking at other people: mechanisms for social perception revealed in subjects with focal amygdala damage. Novartis Foundation Symposium, 278:146-59, discussion 160-4, 216-21.

Brimacombe MB, Pickett R, and Pickett J. (2007) Autism Post-Mortem Neuroinformatic Resource: The Autism Tissue Program (ATP) Informatics Portal. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders,37(3):574-9.

Brodkin E. (2007) BALB/c mice: low sociability and other phenotypes that may be relevant to autism. Behav Brain Res, 176(1):53-65.

Comoletti D, Grishaev A, Whitten AE, Tsigelny I, Taylor P, Trewhella J. (2007) Synaptic arrangement of the neuroligin/beta-neurexin complex revealed by X-ray and neutron scattering. Structure, 15(6): 693-705.

Curran I, Newschaffer C, Li-Ching L, Crawford S, Johnston M, Zimmerman A. (2007) Behaviors associated with fever in children with autism spectrum disorders. Pediatrics, [In Press].

Dager SR, Wang L, Friedman SD, Shaw DW, Constantino JN, Artru AA, Dawson G, Csernansky JG (2007). Shape mapping of the hippocampus in young children with autism spectrum disorder. Am J Neuroradiol, 28(4):672-2.

Deaner RO, Shepherd SV, Platt ML. (2007) Familiarity accentuates gaze cuing in women but not men. Biol Lett, 3(1):64-7.

Drew A, Baird G, Taylor E, Milne E, Charman T. (2007) The Social Communication Assessment for Toddlers with Autism (SCATA): An Instrument to Measure the Frequency, Form and Function of Communication in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder. J Autism Dev Disord, 37(4): 648-66. 

Harvey CG, Menon SD, Stachowiak B, Noor A, Proctor A, Mensah AK, Mnatzakanian GN, Alfred SE, Guo R, Scherer SW, Kennedy JL, Roberts W, Srivistava AK, Minassian BA, and Vincent JB. (2007) Sequence variants within exon 1 of MECP2 occur in females with mental retardation. Am J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet, 144(3):355-60.

Kana RK, Keller TA, Minshew NJ, Just MA. (2007) Inhibitory control in high-functioning autism: decreased activation and underconnectivity in inhibition networks. Biol Psychiatry, 62(3):198-206. [Epub 2006 Nov 29].

Kinney DK, Miller AM, Crowley DJ, Huang E, Gerber E. (2007) Autism Prevalence Following Prenatal Exposure to Hurricanes and Tropical Storms in Louisiana. J Autism Dev Disord, July 6 [Epub ahead of print].

Kliman HJ, Volkmar FR, Chawarska K, Jacobs-Stannard A, Anderson GM. (2007) Placental Trophoblast Inclusions in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Biological Psychiatry, 61(4):487-91.

Martins GM, Plachez C, and Powell EM. (2007) Loss of embryonic MET signaling alters profiles of hippocampal interneurons. Dev Neurosci, 29(1-2):143-58.

Merin N, Young GS, Ozonoff S, Rogers SJ. (2007) Visual Fixation Patterns during Reciprocal Social Interaction Distinguish a Subgroup of 6-Month-Old Infants At-Risk for Autism from Comparison Infants. J Autism Dev Disord, 37(1): 108-21.

Nishimura Y, Martin CL, Vazquez-Lopez A, Spence SJ, Alvarez-Retuerto AI, Sigman M, Steindler C, Pellegrini S. (2007) Genome-wide expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines distinguishes different forms of autism and revelas shared pathways. Hum Mol Genet, 16(14):1682-98. [Epub 2007 May 21].

Reichenberg A, Smith C, Schmeidler J, and Silverman JA. (2007) Birth order effects on autism symptom domains. Psychiatry Res, 150(2):199-204.

Rzhetsky A
, Wajngurt D, Park N, Zheng T. (2007) Probing genetic overlap among complex human phenotypes. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA,104(28):11694-9. [Epub 2007 July 3].

Soden SE, Lowry JA, Garrison CB, Wasserman GS. (2007) 24-hour provoked urine excretion test for heavy metals in children with autism and typically developing controls. Clin Toxicol, 45(5):476-81.

Spezio ML, Adolphs R, Hurley RS, and Piven J. (2007) Abnormal Use of Facial Information in High-Functioning Autism. J Autism Dev Disord, 37(5): 929-39.

Spezio ML, Adolphs R, Hurley RS, and Piven J. (2007) Analysis of face gaze in autism using “Bubbles.” Neuropsychologia, 45:(1) 144-51. [Epub 2006 Jul 7].

Spezio ML, Huang PY, Castelli F, Adolphs R. (2007) Amygdala damage impairs eye contact during conversations with real people. J Neurosci, 27(15):3994-7.

Sze KM and Wood JJ. (2007) Cognitive behavioral treatment of comorbid anxiety disorders and social difficulties in children with high-functioning autism: a case report. Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 37(3):133-143.

Walker B, Diefenbach K, Parikh T. (2007) Inhibition within the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (NTS) ameliorates behavioral deficits due to cerebellum lesions in an animal model for autism. Behav Brain Res, 176(1):109-20.

Zerrate MC, Pletnikov M, Connors SL, Vargas DL, Seidler FJ, Zimmerman AW, Slotkin TA, Pardo CA. Neuroinflammation and behavioral abnormalities after neonatal terbutaline treatment in rats: implications for autism. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 322(1):16-22. [Epub 2007 March 30].


Autistic people have fought the inclusion of ABA in therapy for us since before Autism Speaks, and other non-Autistic-led autism organizations, started lobbying legislation to get it covered by insurances and Medicaid. 

ABA is a myth originally sold to parents that it would keep their Autistic child out of an institution. Today, parents are told that with early intervention therapy their child will either be less Autistic or no longer Autistic by elementary school, and can be mainstreamed in typical education classes. ABA is very expensive to pay out of pocket. Essentially, Autism Speaks has justified the big price tag up front will offset the overall burden on resources for an Autistic’s lifetime. The recommendation for this therapy is 40 hours a week for children and toddlers.

The original study that showed the success rate of ABA to be at 50% has never been replicated. In fact, the study of ABA by United States Department of Defense was denounced as a failure. Not just once, but multiple times. Simply stated: ABA doesn’t workIn study after repeated study: ABA (conversion therapy) doesn’t work. 

What more recent studies do show: Autistics who experienced ABA therapy are at high risk to develop PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions. Historically, the autism organizations promoting ABA as a cure or solution have silenced Autistic advocates’ opposition. ABA is also known as gay conversion therapy.

The ‘cure’ for Autistics not born yet is the prevention of birth. 

The ‘cure’ is a choice to terminate a pregnancy based on ‘autism risk.’ The cure is abortion. This is the same ‘cure’ society has for Down Syndrome. 

This is eugenics 2021. Instead of killing Autistics and disabled children in gas chambers or ‘mercy killings’ like in Aktion T4, it’ll happen at the doctor’s office, quietly, one Autistic baby at a time. Different approaches yes, but still eugenics and the extinction of an entire minority group of people.

Fact: You can’t cure Autistics from being Autistic.

Fact: You can’t recover an Autistic from being Autistic.

Fact: You can groom an Autistic to mask and hide their traits. Somewhat. … however, this comes at the expense of the Autistic child, promotes Autistic Burnout (this should not be confused with typical burnout, Autistic Burnout can kill Autistics), and places the Autistic child at high risk for PTSD and other lifelong trauma-related conditions.

[Note: Autism is NOT a disease, but a neurodevelopmental difference and disability.]

Fact: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism.

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