#StopSpectrum10K | RoundUp: From Problematic Simon Baron-Cohen To An October UK #BoycottSpectrum10K Protest | Circa September 5, 2021



Boycott Spectrum 10k

Event by Autistic Inclusive Meets Community Group AIM and Jodie Isitt

Autism Research Centre

Duration: 4 hr

  · Anyone on or off Facebook

We are protesting the Spectrum 10k study outside the Autism Research Centre on the 29th of October from 12-4 pm.

Spectrum 10k is a study that proposes to gather the DNA of ten thousand Autistic individuals, with the supposed aim of research into providing more support.

It all looks wonderful on the surface, the fact that there will be no safeguarding over the DNA, that it is open for any researcher to access is quite frankly terrifying.

We as Autistic people have valid concerns over who will assess the DNA, Simon Baron-Cohen below:

Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
Director, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

An ability to understand numbers could be in DNA.

The prospect of a prenatal test for autism, allowing couples to choose whether to have a baby with the condition, is coming closer. And with it also comes the possibility of a prenatal drug treatment being developed.

But in this week’s Scrubbing Up, leading autism expert Professor Simon Baron-Cohen warns caution is needed to ensure associated talents, like numerical abilities, are not lost if the test or a “cure” become available.”

Males, maths and autism. On the face of it, these three things don’t appear to be linked. And yet they are. Males are much more likely to apply to university to study maths, for example.”http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/7736196.stm

So basically eugenics but caution is needed so that they can pick out the males who are good at maths.

The ableism and discrimination is revolting. Please see in our discussion for more links.

Also: Collectively, we, a group of Autistic academics, activists, and advocates have written an open statement of concern regarding @Spectrum_10K and urge you to read and sign.#ActuallyAutistic#StopSpectrum10K#BoycottSpectrum10k


Please send @Boycottspect10k a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

Simon Baron-Cohen #NotAnAutisticAlly


Problematic Professional: Professor Sir Simon Baron-Cohen

Simon Baron-Cohen is a cognitive neuroscientist and is a professor at Psychology and Psychiatry departments at the University of Cambridge and Fellow at Trinity College in Cambridge. He is the director of the Autism Research Center (ARC) in Cambridge, UK. 

Read Article >>

Spectrum 10k Logo

Statement By Simon Baron-Cohen

Update from the Spectrum 10K Team (4th of September 2021)

I am writing on behalf of the Spectrum 10K research team that I lead, to say that the recent concerns raised by some autistic people about this study have been heard. We are also very appreciative of the positive response from the thousands of autistic people and their families who have already agreed to join the study. This update is primarily a response to some of these concerns, which emphasises the need for continued dialogue between Spectrum 10K and the autistic community so that the goals and intentions of our research are clear.

Consulting the autistic community

We benefitted enormously during the design phase of the study from consultation with an advisory panel of autistic people and their families. We now want to co-design a wider consultation process with autistic people and their families to make sure that the views of the whole autistic community are gathered systematically, properly considered, and represented. Details about the consultation process will be announced on our website over the coming month.

Our values

In response to some of the concerns raised about the place of genetics in autism research, we would like to clarify our values as a research team. We see autism itself as an example of neurodiversity in the population. However, many autistic people have serious co-occurring health conditions such as epilepsy and severe gastrointestinal pain that may need treatment. And many have co-occurring disabilities such as dyslexia, speaking few or no words, and learning difficulties that need support. 

We have called for and will continue to call for inclusion, acceptance, dignity and respect for autistic people, ensuring that their human rights are guaranteed. We do this at both national and international levels. See for example my keynote speech at the United Nations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl8446OulLA

Spectrum 10K reflects these values. To reiterate, Spectrum 10K is not looking for a cure or eradication of autism. Spectrum 10K is anti-eugenics. To be precise, we do not work towards or advocate for termination of pregnancy in relation to a foetus who may later be diagnosed as autistic.

We are aware of and abhor the awful history of eugenics, including how science has been used to justify many atrocities globally.

Data sharing

Following the wider consultation with the autistic community, we will co-design a data-sharing policy with autistic people and their families. As a part of this, we will set up a data sharing committee which will include autistic people and their families, to evaluate every request by researchers across the world asking for access to Spectrum 10K data. Any request that could violate our stated values above would be refused. This is in line with international best practice. We will provide further details of the data sharing policy after the wider consultation.

The aim of Spectrum 10K

We believe Spectrum 10K can lead to significant improvements in the health and wellbeing of autistic people worldwide. This is because some of the genes linked to autism can also cause chronic physical health conditions such as severe gastrointestinal pain, epilepsy, extreme hypermobility leading to limb dislocation, and extreme painful sensory overload. 

So, the key aim of Spectrum 10K is to understand the genetics of both autism and co-occurring chronic health conditions. This can help future research identify targeted treatments for and management of these co-occurring conditions in autistic people. Reducing physical pain and emotional distress associated with these conditions can improve wellbeing. 

Genetics research is only one component of Spectrum 10K. Spectrum 10K also includes research into non-genetic factors contributing to co-occurring health conditions including poor mental health. For example, we are also asking participants about their social, educational, and occupational circumstances, camouflaging, areas of vulnerability, and quality of life. 

At the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge University, we continue to conduct research on areas related to a range of topics, including mental and physical health, education, employment, stigma, poverty and homelessness, suicidality and mortality, and social policy. One recent example is available here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/aur.2162

Thank you

Thank you to the many autistic people and their families who have already signed up to be part of this study. And thank you to the many autistic people who have voiced their concerns and provided feedback. We will continue to listen to and engage with the autistic community and we will provide more updates over the coming weeks.

Simon Baron-Cohen

Sign The Petition

Boycott Spectrum 10k Petition

We ask that people read our joint statement from Autistic community members, academics, representatives of advocacy organisations, and allies about our grave concerns regarding the Spectrum 10K study announced Tuesday 24th August 2021. 

Our concerns are many and are detailed in the attached statement letters at the bottom of this page. 

If you agree with our concerns please sign the statement by completing the details asked (name, email, and optional postcode and country), and we will be sending this statement to the ethics board who approved the study, as well as the funding bodies funding the study. 

Our document includes plain language summaries for accessibility and uses a font easier to read for some people. The plain language summaries can be found on their own for those who need them below the first PDF. 

There is a dedicated @BoycottSpect10K account on Twitter, and you can find Autistic people discussing the study via the #StopSpectrum10K hashtag.

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