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Pregnancy Length May Influence Severity of Autism
Philadelphia Inquirer
FRIDAY, April 6 (HealthDay News) — Children with autism who were born either prematurely or several weeks late may experience more severe symptoms than kids with autism who were born on time, according to a new study. These children also may be more 
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Clues To Autism: Genetic Mutations And The Age Of The Father
This week, three new studies have found some revealing links between certain gene mutations and the development of autism. One even showed a strong connection between the age of the father, more than the mother, and the spontaneous mutations that are 
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New autism studies find new mutations, many genes behind the disorder
Ars Technica
By John Timmer | Published April 6, 2012 3:21 PM Autism clearly has a genetic component, since if one half of a set of identical twins suffers from the disorder, the other generally does as well. But there are also a high number of cases where it seems 
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Genetic Research Probes Autism
By Miriam Falco CNN (CNN) — As the number of children with autism has increased over the past couple of decades, so have efforts to find causes behind this neurodevelopmental disorder. Research published Wednesday provides new clues about genetic 
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Gene mutation contributes to autism
LOS ANGELES, April 6 (UPI) — US researchers estimate there are likely about 1000 or more genes that contribute to autism spectrum disorder risk, but mutations might be the key. Dr. Daniel Geschwind, a professor of neurology and psychiatry at the 
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Awareness Raises Autism’s Rates
The Ledger
By BERNEY WILKINSON Last week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new prevalence rates for autism. Specifically, based upon a review of research articles and statistics from around the country, one in 88 children are said to fall 
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Doctors want to redefine autism
Autistic kids like these hate change, but a big one is looming. For the first time in nearly two decades, experts want to rewrite the definition of autism. Some parents fear that if the definition is narrowed, their children may lose out on special 
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Autism redefinition worries parents
The Tennessean
Bradley has mild autism, and his mother fears the loss of services under the proposed changes. / Tony Gutierrez / Associated Press Lindsey Tanner| Associated Press One child doesn’t talk, rocks rhythmically back and forth, and stares at clothes 
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Donald Trump publicly links vaccines to autism
During the interview, the tycoon revealed that a series of casual observations led him to the conclusion that ‘”monster” vaccinations cause Autism. The remark was probably a bombshell for pro-vaccine advocates including doctors,
Ben X, and other films about autism — Crooked Timber
By Ingrid Robeyns
Following up on the last post on Autism, one important way to get some glimpses, or some partial sense, of what it can be to living with autism, are movies. If you ask the vast majority of people whether they have every seen a movie on autism
Crooked Timber
Genetic Mutations Linked to Autism | News | The Harvard Crimson
By Armaghan N. Behlum
Individuals with mutations in specific genes have a high risk of autism, according to scientists working independently at Harvard, Yale, and the University of Washington in Seattle. The scientists said they have already identified several genes 
The Harvard Crimson | Latest Stories
Free autism workshop in Oregon City focuses on behavioral, feeding 
By Amy Wang, The Oregonian
Two experts from Seattle Children’s Autism Center will make presentations.
Clackamas County News
Snorkeling and Autism: The World Beneath the Surface of Things 
By Kymberly Grosso
Sometimes, the best things in life are not planned. By Kymberly Grosso…
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