Archived | Autism: The Musical Premieres To Rave Reviews + Portion Of Profits To Benefit Autism Speaks | Circa April 2007 #NotAnAutisticAlly

Autism: The Musical Premieres to Rave Reviews

Autism: the Musical

Autism: The Musical, a dynamic and intimate look inside the lives of several families whose children are autistic, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The film follows these children over the course of six months, as they create, prepare and then perform a live musical play on stage. Led by an intrepid acting coach who is herself the mother of an autistic child, this team of children defies their diagnosis. As it follows their journey, the audience not only better understands the nature of what autism is, but celebrates the joyful spirit of each child. 

“With diagnosed cases of the disease rapidly escalating in America throughout the last decade, this documentary’s exploration of alternative methods of treatment seems opportune, not to mention downright joyous at times,” said Variety Magazine.

Note: Autism is NOT a disease.

Janet Grillo, a former CAN board member and mother of a 12-year old son on the autism spectrum was one of the executive producers on the film. Kristen Stills, another executive producer is also the parent of a child on the spectrum. A portion of the profits from the film will be donated to Autism Speaks. 

For more information, please visit the film’s website at

2 responses to “Archived | Autism: The Musical Premieres To Rave Reviews + Portion Of Profits To Benefit Autism Speaks | Circa April 2007 #NotAnAutisticAlly”

  1. Parent porn at it’s finest. Let’s use our children to go on about our lives and how hard it is but how much we are loving and devoted parents.

    Lacking any other way of possibly conceiving the world of autism, parents set the standard in this glucose drowned piece of cringing pity fest. What other perspective could there possibly be?

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