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Peter Bell**
Sallie Bernard 
Andrew Conrad 
Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, M.D. 
Philip H. Geier, Jr*

T. Michael Glenn 
Gary W. Goldstein, M.D.
Tom Hetzel**
Adrian M. Jones 
Mel Karmazin* 
Brian Kelly*
Mark LaNeve
Eric London, M.D.* 
Bernie Marcus*
Gary Mayerson
Kevin Murray*
Alison Niederauer
Andrew Robertson
Mark Roithmayr**
Dan Schulman
Jonathan Shestack* 
Alison Singer**
Laura Slatkin
Craig Snyder
Lilly Tartikoff
Glenn Tringali**
John B. Wilson
Bob Wright*
Suzanne Wright*

*Executive Committee members 
**Staff Officers

Sallie Bernard
Parent; Co-founder and Executive Director, SafeMinds;
Co-founder and Board Chair,
Extreme Sports Camp 

Sallie Bernard joined the board of Autism Speaks in February 2007, following the merger with Cure Autism Now (CAN). Bernard previously served as board chair for CAN and executive director of the New Jersey chapter, helping to secure millions of dollars for autism research and treatment. She was also a member of the Founders Forum for The Autism Center of UMDNJ in New Jersey. She and her husband, Tom, have been major supporters of CAN’s Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE), Clinical Trials Network, Autism Treatment Network and Environmental Innovators Award programs. 

Bernard is co-founder and executive director of SafeMinds, an organization which focuses on the role of mercury in neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism. She has testified before Congress, presented to the Institute of Medicine, published a number of research papers and letters in science journals, and participates in several government committees addressing the effect of mercury on neurodevelopment. She is also co-founder and president of Extreme Sports Camp, a nonprofit summer camp for older children and teenagers with autism. The camp offers outdoor sports and recreation including hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting and water skiing. 

Bernard is the founder and former president of ARC Research, a market research and consulting firm, which she sold in 2004 and is now part of Leger Marketing. She graduated with honors from Radcliffe College, Harvard University, in 1979. She is married with three children, one of whom has autism. She resides in Aspen, Colorado. 

Andrew Conrad

Andrew Conrad 
Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder, LabCorp’s National Genetic Institute

Andrew Conrad, Ph.D. is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of LabCorp’s National Genetics Institute. Dr. Conrad graduated with a B.S. in neurobiology and a Ph.D. in cell biology from the University of California Los Angeles. He has served as the Responsible Head for the FDA Product License for an automated device for the detection of HIV-1, HIV-2 and HCV in plasma from large numbers of donors.

The primary focus of Dr. Conrad’s research has been on the effects and manifestations of chronic viral illnesses as measured by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and he also conducts research on the role of gene expression in cancer. He has more than eighty-five publications in scientific journals. National Genetics Institute performs over three million PCR reactions per year and is one of the largest genetics laboratories in the world.

In addition, Dr. Conrad is Global Head of Clinical Trials Services for LabCorp’s Esoterix, Inc. Dr. Conrad is also the founder and Laboratory Director of the California Health and Longevity Institute (CHLI). CHLI operates preventive and early detection medical facilities at the new world-class wellness centers being built around the country in partnership with Dole, Wellpoint Inc. and the Four Seasons Hotels.

Dr. Conrad serves on the Board of Directors of Castle & Cooke, Dole Foods, and Autism Speaks.

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom

Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom, MD 
Professor, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

DiCicco-Bloom is an expert in brain development and a pioneer in the field of neurogenesis. His studies examine the roles of growth factors, neuropeptides and environmental factors in brain development, with a recent focus on defining genes and microRNAs that contribute to autism and schizophrenia susceptibility.

He is the principal investigator on numerous NIH and private grants, serves on federal, New Jersey state and private foundation biomedical review panels, as member of the Public Education and Communication Committee of the Society for Neuroscience, serves as advisor to two Autism Centers of Excellence and the Department of Defense Autism Research Program and is an editor for several neuroscience journals including the newly established journal of INSAR, Autism Research. 

DiCicco-Bloom is the author of 52 refereed journal articles and 11 book chapters in neuroscience, child neurology and psychiatry. He is also professor of Neuroscience & Cell Biology and Pediatrics (Neurology) at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

His service to the autism community began a decade ago with the inception of NAAR’s Scientific Advisory Board and he continues supporting the scientific mission by also serving on the Scientific Advisory Committee of Autism Speaks, and as Chair of the Scientific Program Committee of the International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR).

Philip H. Geier

Philip H. Geier, Jr. 
Chairman Emeritus, Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., 

Philip H. Geier, Jr., an advertising professional, became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., in 1980. He retired from this position at the end of December 2000. In February 2001, Mr. Geier formed The Geier Group to provide consulting/advisory services in the marketing, communications and venture capital areas.

Additionally, Mr. Geier is a Senior Advisor for Lazard Frères & Co. LLC and serves on the Board of Directors for the following companies: AEA Investors, Inc., Fiduciary Trust International, and Mettler-Toledo International, Inc. \

Mr. Geier’s philanthropic relationships as Director or Trustee include: Autism Speaks, Columbia Business School, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Save the Children Federation, Inc., The Whitney Museum of American Art, and International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Mr. Geier holds a B.A. in Economics from Colgate University (1957) and an M.B.A. in Marketing and Finance from Columbia University (1958). 

T. Michael Glenn

T. Michael Glenn 
Executive Vice President,  Market Development & Corporate Communications, FedEx Corporation

T. Michael Glenn is executive Vice President of Market Development and Corporate Communications for FedEx Corporation, a $37 billion global transportation and logistics holding company. He is a member of the five-person Executive Committee, responsible for planning and executing the corporation’s strategic business activities.

Glenn also serves as president and chief executive officer of FedEx Corporate Services, responsible for all marketing, sales, retail operations, and information technology functions for all FedEx Corporation operating companies.

Before FedEx Corporation was formed in January 1998, Glenn was senior vice president, Worldwide Marketing, Customer Service and Corporate Communications for FedEx, a position he held for five years. In that role, he was responsible for directing all marketing, customer service, employee communications and public relations activities for the world’s largest express transportation company.

Glenn joined FedEx in 1981 and has held management positions in the Sales and Marketing divisions. 

Prior to joining FedEx, he worked in the Sales Division of the Dover Elevator Company. 

Born in 1955, Glenn is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi and his MBA from The University of Memphis. Glenn currently serves on the board of directors for Renasant Bank and Pentair Inc

Gary Goldstein

Gary Goldstein, MD 
President and Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Krieger Institute 
Professor, Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine and School of Hygiene and Public Health

Dr. Gary Goldstein is the chair of the Autism Speaks scientific advisory committee, and president and chief executive officer of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, one of the nation’s leading treatment centers for autism and other developmental disorders. He is also a professor of neurology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Medicine and a professor of environmental health sciences at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Hygiene and Public Health 

One of the leading researchers of neurological functions and defects, Gary has helped gain international recognition for the Kennedy Krieger Institute through his studies of children with a wide range of disabilities, from rare genetic disorders to common learning problems.

More than 13,000 children with disabilities visit the Kennedy Krieger Institute every year.

Adrian Jones

Adrian M. Jones 
Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

Adrian M. Jones is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in New York in the company’s Principal Investment Area.

He joined Goldman Sachs in 1994 as an associate of the Investment Banking Division. He has also served in the company’s Communications and Media Department, on mobility assignments in Equity Capital Markets and in the Executive Office of Goldman Sachs International in London.

Jones grew up in Ireland and served as a Lieutenant in the Irish Army. In 1987-88, he served in the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Southern Lebanon.

Jones is a 1986 graduate of University College in Galway, and earned his MBA from Harvard in 1994. He is the father of a child with autism. 

Mel Karmazin

Mel Karmazin 
CEO, SIRIUS Satellite Radio

Mel Karmazin is Chief Executive Officer of SIRIUS Satellite Radio, where he oversees all aspects of the company’s operations from its New York City corporate headquarters. SIRIUS delivers to 7.7 million subscribers more than 130 channels of radio, including 100% commercial-free music channels. It also broadcasts nationwide the best and most compelling talk, entertainment, news, information, and sports programming. Previously, he was President and COO of Viacom, President and CEO of CBS Corp., and President and CEO of Infinity Broadcasting. Prior to Infinity, Karmazin spent 10 years with Metromedia.

Karmazin is vice chairman of the board of trustees of The Paley Center for Media and serves on the board of Autism Speaks. He was inducted into the Broadcasting Hall of Fame, and has received the National Association of Broadcasters National Radio Award and the IRTS Gold Medal Award. 

Brian Kelly 
Principal, Eastern Development, LLC

Brian Kelly is a principal and founder of Eastern Development, LLC, where he has invested in more than 100 retail and office projects totaling over 8 million square feet with a value in excess of $1 billion.

Prior to Eastern Development, Kelly was the principal of Atlantic Retail Properties. Under Kelly’s leadership, Atlantic Retail Properties was New England’s largest and most active retail brokerage firm.

Kelly lives in Montecito, CA, with his wife, Patricia, and their six children, one of whom is autistic. 

Mark LaNeve 
VP of Vehicle Sales, Service and Marketing, General Motors

Mark LaNeve was appointed General Motors North America vice president of vehicle sales, service and marketing in March 2005. He had served as GM North America vice president of marketing and advertising since September, 2004.

In 2001, LaNeve was named general manager of Cadillac, returning to GM and Cadillac, where he began his career, following a stint as president and chief executive officer at Volvo Cars of North America, Inc. (VCNA). He left GM in 1997 to become vice president of marketing at VCNA. Prior to leaving GM, he was brand manager for the Pontiac Bonneville and held several sales and marketing positions at Cadillac between 1981 and 1995.

LaNeve’s success with the Cadillac brand was recognized and rewarded in 2003 when he was named “Grand Marketer of the Year” by Brandweek magazine. 

Eric London, MD 
Co-founder, National Alliance for Autism Research

Dr. Eric London is the director of Autism Treatment Research at New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities. Motivated by his own son’s diagnosis with autism and the absence of a single charity dedicated to autism research, Dr. London co-founded the National Alliance for Autism Research with his wife, Karen, in 1994.

He served as trustee and NAAR’s Chair of Scientific Affairs Committee for 10 years. NAAR funded $30 million in autism research and encouraged hundreds of scientists worldwide to devote their efforts to autism research prior to its merger in 2006 with Autism Speaks. Dr. London currently serves on the Executive Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee of the merged organization.

He is a Board certified psychiatrist specializing in autism and related developmental disorders and clinical assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

In a volunteer capacity, he is a consultant to the National Institutes of Health and an invited reviewer for both the NIH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr .London completed two research fellowships in geriatric psychiatry and has published on geriatric psychiatry, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. He currently lectures and publishes on autism and developmental disabilities. 

Bernie Marcus 
Co-Founder, The Home Depot, Inc. 
Chairman, The Marcus Foundation

Bernie Marcus is co-founder of The Home Depot, Inc., the world’s largest home improvement retailer. He served as chairman of the board until his retirement in 2002. He remains director emeritus.Marcus serves as chairman of the board of The Marcus Foundation, which he founded in 1988. Its areas of focus include Jewish causes, children, medical research, free enterprise, and the community.In 1991, he and his wife, Billi, established The Marcus Institute, which provides programs for children and adolescents with disorders of the brain, and especially autism, and their families. In 1998, the Marcus Institute joined forces with the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore.Marcus donated $25 million to Autism Speaks to spearhead its efforts to raise money for research on the causes and cure for autism. He is an active member of the board of directors. 

Gary S. Mayerson 
Founding Attorney, Mayerson & Associates

Gary Mayerson is the founding attorney of Mayerson & Associates, a firm that concentrates almost exclusively on representing and advocating for children and adolescents diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. Gary is the author of How to Compromise with Your School District without Compromising Your Child: A Field Guide for Getting Effective Services for Children with Special Needs. Before founding Mayerson & Associates, he was an attorney and partner at Graubard, Mollen & Miller. Originally from Miami, Gary graduated cum laude from Syracuse University and later received his law degree from Georgetown University. Gary is married with three children, and he has a family member diagnosed with autism. 

Kevin Murray 
Chief Operating Officer, Rock Ridge Advisors, LLC 

Kevin Murray is the chief operating officer for Rock Ridge Advisors, LLC, a multi-strategy hedge fund located in Greenwich, CT. 

Prior to forming Rock Ridge, Kevin was most recently a partner and managing director for Muirfield Capital Management, a $700 million hedge fund that launched in 2001. Kevin also formed and operated Pilgrim Financial, a private investment vehicle, during that time. In 1997, he co-founded Convergence Asset Management, a global fixed income fund that managed over $450 million in assets. From 1988 to1997, Kevin was a managing director and partner at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he was responsible for managing the mortgage-backed trading operation. 

In 1997, Kevin and his wife, Susan, and other interested parents formed the Autism Coalition for Research and Education. ACRE merged with Autism Speaks in June 2005. Kevin holds a B.S. in finance from Siena College. 

Alison Niederauer

A native of Montclair, New Jersey, Alison Niederauer is the daughter of the late Marguerite Smith Cooper and New Jersey Judge Peter B. Cooper. She attended Vassar College from 1982 to 1986 and graduated with a degree in Psychology. She went on to attend Fordham Law School and graduated with her J.D. in 1991, and was admitted to both the New York and New Jersey Bar Associations. Alison clerked for Federal Magistrate Judge John Caden in the EDNY from 1991 to 1992 before she and her husband Duncan moved to Tokyo. While there she worked as an adviser in the legal department of Nichimen, one of Japan’s largest trading companies and studied the Japanese language. When the family returned to the US in 1995, they settled in Bernardsville, New Jersey and Alison became a full-time mother to Amanda, now 21, Liam, 10; and Eva, age 8. When Liam was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age four, there were few resources providing assistance. Alison educated herself by becoming immersed in the current literature and seeking out the expertise of a wide range of specialists, including neurologists, nutritionists, occupational, speech and physical therapists, ophthalmologists and behaviorists. Many of these specialists have been treating Liam over the past several years in hopes of gaining positive results through early intervention and consistent treatment. Liam now attends The Newmark School in Plainfield, New Jersey and is in the fourth grade. He is a bright, happy, wonderful little boy — with a long road ahead. 

Andrew Robertson 
President and CEO, BBDO 

Andrew Robertson has been President and Chief Executive Officer of BBDO Worldwide since June 2004. BBDO Worldwide is the current Network of the Year for The Gunn Report, The Won Report, and at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, and has been honored as Global Agency of the Year in Advertising Age, AdWeek and Campaign since 2004.

Andrew first came to BBDO in the UK in 1995, joining Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO where he ultimately served as Chief Executive. In 2001, he moved to BBDO North America to serve as President and CEO.

He began his advertising career at Ogilvy & Mather as a Media Planner. He switched to Account Management and was appointed to the Board of Ogilvy & Mather in 1986.

In 1989, he joined J. Walter Thompson as a member of the Management Group and began to head the largest of their five business groups. In November 1990, Andrew was appointed Chief Executive of WCRS.

Andrew has his degree in Economics from London University. He currently serves on the Boards of The Advertising Council, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, Autism Speaks, The Special Olympics and the Center on Media and Child Health.

Dan Schulman 
CEO, Virgin Mobile USA

Since August 2001, Mr. Schulman has served as chief executive officer of Virgin Mobile USA, a joint venture between Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Sprint Nextel with more than 4.6 million customers.

From May 2000 to May 2001, Schulman was president and CEO of He is the former president of the AT&T; Consumer Markets Division of AT&T; Corp. and was appointed to the AT&T; Operations Group.

From March 1997 to November 1998, he was president of AT&T; WorldNet Service. 

Jonathan Shestack 
Co-founder, Cure Autism Now; Film Producer 

Jonathan Shestack joined the board and executive committee of Autism Speaks in February 2007, following the merger with Cure Autism Now (CAN). He and his wife, Portia Iversen, founded CAN in 1995.

In its 12-year history, CAN contributed more than $39 million to autism research and education programs, established a federal advocacy initiative which led passage of the Children’s Health Act of 2000 and Combating Autism Act of 2006, and raised the profile of autism through celebrity outreach and grassroots initiatives.

Shestack also founded CAN’s flagship program, the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE). 

In 2002, Shestack was appointed as one of three public members to the NIH Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee and serves on the Subcommittee on Screening and Early Diagnosis.

Shestack also serves on the Internal Citizens Oversight Committee of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine and two bio-ethics task forces–a Department of Energy group on issues of ethics and gene patenting and the Stanford University Center on Integrating Ethics and Genetic Research. 

Shestack is a film producer based at New Line. His current projects include Touchstone’s “Dan in Real Life.” He was president of production of Artisan Entertainment and executive vice president of Beacon Entertainment where he produced “Air Force One,” “Family Man” and “Bring It On.”

He and Portia reside in Los Angeles with their three children, one of whom is affected by autism. 

Laura Slatkin 
Founder and President, Candela Group 

Laura Slatkin is the President of Candela Group, a manufacturer and international marketer of home fragrance products. Founded in 2005, Candela Group designs and produces custom collections for high-end private label clients in luxury, beauty, fashion, media and non-profit industries.

Laura Slatkin began her career in the home fragrance industry in 1992 when she and her husband, Harry Slatkin, founded Slatkin & Co., the leading home fragrance company renowned for its luxurious scents, candles, potpourri and other essentials for rooms and environments. 

In 2002, after their son was diagnosed with autism, Laura and Harry Slatkin founded the New York Center for Autism (NYCA), a tripartite organization dedicated to autism education, community outreach and biomedical research. NYCA created the NYCA Charter School, the first public charter school dedicated to serving children with autism which opened in 2005.

In addition to Autism Speaks and NYCA, Laura also serves on the boards of the NYCA Charter School and the Henry Street Settlement House.

Laura began her professional career in 1980 as a senior vice president with Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb after graduating from New York University.

She lives in New York City with her husband and their twins, David and Alexandra. 

Craig Snyder 
Partner, Ikon Public Affairs 

Craig Snyder joined the board of Autism Speaks in February 2007, following the merger with Cure Autism Now (CAN).

Snyder served as both a board member and federal lobbyist for the foundation for many years, playing an instrumental role in passage of the Children’s Health Act of 2000 and Combating Autism Act of 2006. 

Snyder is the managing partner at Ikon Public Affairs. Prior to forming Ikon in 1997, Craig served as chief of staff for Senator Arlen Specter. During his tenure with Senator Specter, Snyder served as the legislative assistant for defense and foreign affairs with a top secret security clearance and then as the deputy campaign chairman for Specter’s 1996 presidential campaign. 

Before coming to Washington, D.C. in 1994, Snyder practiced law as a litigator with the national firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads in Philadelphia and worked as a public policy specialist as the vice president of the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

Snyder was the Republican nominee for Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District in 1992. Snyder graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983 with a degree in Political Philosophy. He received his law degree from Temple University in 1988.

Snyder and his wife, actress NiCole Robinson, reside in New York City. Craig and NiCole are the founders of the 3 Angels Memorial Fund for ACD Research. 

Lilly Tartikoff 

Lilly Tartikoff, one of the country’s foremost cancer activists, has raised over $40 million for cancer research in the past 12 years.

In 1990, she helped create the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program and established the annual fundraising Fire & Ice Ball in Hollywood, as well as the Revlon Run/Walk For Women in Los Angeles.

In 1997, Tartikoff along with EIF helped create the National Women’s Cancer Research Alliance, and in 2000, partnered with Katie Couric and others to form the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance.

In 2001, Tartikoff launched the United Cancer Front and, in 2003, along with Yves Carcelle of Louis Vuitton and Suzanne and Bob Wright of NBC and GE, co-chaired the first Annual Louis Vuitton United Cancer Front Gala to raise unrestricted funds for 35 of the most promising scientists to further the scientific discovery of breakthrough cancer therapies.

In November 2004, Tartikoff along with Yves Carcelle, Kelly and Ron Meyer of Universal Studios, Suzanne and Bob Wright and Laura Ziskin co-chaired the second Annual Louis Vuitton United Cancer Front Gala. 

Tartikoff has been honored numerous times, including in 2002 as a Jefferson Awards National Recipient receiving the S. Roger Horchow Award For Greatest Public Service by a Private Citizen, and in 2000, receiving the Hope Award from The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship. The coalition also created the Lilly Tartikoff Hope Award to honor, remember and celebrate all whose lives have been touched by cancer.

After the death in 1997 of her husband, former Chairman of Entertainment for NBC and Chairman of Paramount Pictures Brandon Tartikoff, from Hodgkin’s Disease, Tartikoff became president of H. Beale Company, a Los Angeles-based film and television production company.

She resides in Beverly Hills with her two daughters, Calla Lianne and Elizabeth Justine.

John B. Wilson 
President and General Partner, Hyannis Port Capital, Inc.

John B. Wilson joined the board of Autism Speaks in February 2007, following the merger with Cure Autism Now (CAN).

Wilson is a member of the HPC LLC Management Committee and owner and president of Hyannis Port Capital, Inc. He has held several other executive positions, including Chief Operating Officer and executive vice president of Gap, Inc.; Chief Financial Officer and executive vice president of Staples, Inc.; senior vice president of Northwest Airlines; and vice president/partner at Bain & Company.

He serves on the board of several Franklin Templeton Mutual Funds as well as a number of private company boards. During his tenure as COO, the Gap experienced its most successful growth period. From 1996 to March 2000, Gap Inc.’s sales tripled to $10 billion, net profits quadrupled and its stock market value increased 800%. Staples also experienced explosive growth during Wilson’s tenure as CFO. Total sales between 1992 and 1996 grew 600% to $4 billion, net income rose by 700% and the company’s stock price expanded by more than 600%.

Wilson earned his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1983 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, magna cum laude, from Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute in 1981. Wilson and his wife Leslie have been married for 17 years and have three children. 

Bob Wright 
Co-founder, Autism Speaks; Senior Advisor, Lee Equity Partners 

Bob Wright is Senior Advisor at Lee Equity Partners and served as vice chairman, General Electric, and chief executive officer of NBC and NBC Universal for more than twenty years. Wright also serves on the board of directors of the Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, RAND Corporation and Mission Product, LLC.

Bob has a strong history of philanthropy and community service, for which he has received numerous awards and accolades, most recently the 2005 Humanitarian Award from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. He is a member of the board of directors of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation, is on the board of governors of New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and is a member of the Society of New York Hospital Inc. He is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross and received his LL.B. degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. He and his wife, Suzanne, live in Connecticut. They have three children and four grandchildren. 

Suzanne Wright 
Co-founder, Autism Speaks

In addition to co-founding Autism Speaks, Suzanne has an extensive history of being actively involved in community and philanthropic endeavors, mostly directed toward helping children. She has teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, the YMCA, and other local organizations to provide children with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, such as attending the Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. 

Suzanne serves on the board of directors for several organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York; the Laura Pels Foundation; the Inner-City Foundation for Charity and Education; and the Philadelphia-based Champions of Caring Project; among others. 

Suzanne is a graduate and member of the board of trustees of Sarah Lawrence College. She and Bob live in Connecticut. They have three children and four grandchildren. 

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