Jesse Gender: “Color The Spectrum” Charity Event & The Failures of Sia’s Vanity Film | YouTube


Why Mark Rober’s Autistic “Color The Spectrum” Charity Event is Harmful


Jessie Gender

YouTuber Mark Rober’s upcoming Color the Spectrum charity event with numerous celebrities like John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Jimmy Kimmel, Andy Samberg and many others has many in the autistic community upset, especially considering the charity is benefiting Next for Autism. But why is the event so controversial? Let’s break it down.

The Failures Of Sia’s Autistic Vanity Film

Jessie Gender

#SiaMusic#Ableism#Autism Sia’s recently directorial debut Music has received a ton of critism from the autistic community and has been critically reviled… yet was also nominated for two Golden Globes, including Best Comedy. Considering the very wide reception of the film, let’s take a nuanced look on the controversies around the film.

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