The “Secret World of Autism” is not real. It’s not anymore real than the myth that vaccines cause autism. | Eve Reiland

The “autism community” is not the Autistic Community. The Autism community was created by non-Autistic led organizations and includes mostly parents, professionals and their friends. most of what the world knows about autism is sourced from the non-Autistic “Autism Community.”

The “Secret World of Autism” is a fantasy world created by Neurotypical people. This is a pretend world fabricated by non-Autistic people who know an Autistic.

If there is a secret world of Autistics, Neurotypical people would not know about it. Autistic people have been in the background connecting and networking for eons.

So have there been secret Autistic groups before and even currently? Yes. The secrecy is for safety. There are secret groups and gatherings of Autistics. Again it still doesn’t include non-Autistic people. The Neurotypical person’s very brain wiring excludes them from seeing this ‘secret world.’ Some real allies do get invited to hang for awhile in our Autistic space … but that’s a deep trust and very very rare.

So whatever you think you’re doing to expose “The Secret World of Autism” so it can become the “World of Autism,” while at the same time hiding your head in the sand from the actual Autistic community and pretending we’re the bad guys … seriously? If so, I have a movie recommendation for you:

The “Secret World of Autism” is not real. It’s not anymore real than the myth that vaccines cause autism.

Before you complain to me about having the right to share your ‘feelings’ and ‘feeling however you want’ remember, that’s not what Autistic people are fighting – we’re fighting the exploitation of Autistic children being commodified by their parents.

We’re fighting the public dog-piling by parents who are inappropriately sharing ‘their feelings’ on a world platform that has cause nothing but pain and othering for Autistics.

We’re fighting the astronomical rates of fillicide and murder, and we’re fighting the sub-human ways Autistics are treated. Quite often the murderer gets the sympathy and the Autistic is dehumanized, erased and forgotten.

So before you write some lengthy post on your feels, remember the facts are far more important: Autistics die for your inappropriate sharing in a public venue or groups … exploiting and commodifying your Autistic or disabled children in the name of ‘education’ should be illegal.

Many parents and caregivers that harm and kill their Autistic loved one feel justified in doing so because the child or person was so ‘difficult.’ You can tell me all you want that you’d never do that to your child, and I’d believe you. The problem is when you do these things online, you’re participating in the cycle that gets Autistics horribly abused and murdered. You’re literally fueling the otherness, bigotry and hate your child will experience later on in life.

I’ve seen this phenomenon repeat over and over and over the past 20 years. So yes, you need to have your feelings, but you also need to be responsible for how you share them and who you share them with — a therapist or bereavement group would be far more appropriate than a facebook group or other social media echo chamber.

Autistic children suffer on the playgrounds because their parents, or parents of other Autistics, created the hate wave we experience. The words ‘your mama should’ve bleached you’ and more come directly from the terrible dog-piling word patterns we’ve seen decade after decade. I’ve been told by young Autistics that their peers told them they should’ve been aborted. I’ve heard the same with our cousins in the Down Syndrome community. This is the culture that’s been created for us to survive.

So, please, once your feelings are done being hurt because Autistics are angry at the fallout of the current socially acceptable, inappropriate sharing on behalf of your parenting an Autistic child … open your mind to understand the privilege you have doesn’t extend to your Autistic child, or any other Autistic alive today.

The facts matter more than your feelings. The words and language you use affect not only your Autistic loved one, but all of us. When you share your feelings in inappropriate spaces, it’s your Autistic child and their Autistic peers that will suffer for it. It’s my Autistic children that will suffer for it. And remember this, somewhere out there is someone using the words and sentiment from the sharing in these inappropriate spaces to justify the abuse and murder of their Autistic loved one.

This is a horrible cycle, and one Autistic people can’t stop on their own. This cycle is now repeated generation after generation. Only you, the one participating in this repetitive harm, can help stop the cycle.

So the choice is really yours, will you continue to participate in this deadly vent sessions online, or will you be responsible and find a more appropriate and private space to work through the difficulties of parenting?

Remember, it’s the Autistic child or Autistic loved one, and their peers, that’ll reap what you sow. My hope is you choose to find a better way.

Your Autistic child or Autistic loved one deserves better.



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3 Replies to “The “Secret World of Autism” is not real. It’s not anymore real than the myth that vaccines cause autism. | Eve Reiland”

  1. Hi Eve, I’m Jenna, you tagged my blog post in the article above.

    I wanted to reach out to you and clear up any concerns.

    It seems the main point you are trying to make is saying that there is a direct correlation to violence when we openly share our feelings on social media.

    I too am horrified when parents turn on their child and attempt to do them any harm. People with autism are not less than. They are valuable human beings and should be treated as such. Any piece of trash who attempts to do them harm should be held to the highest standard the law allows. We should NEVER sympathize with the perpetrator and ONLY sympathize with the victim. They should be remembered and fought for, the perpetrator should not. We should NOT use any language that justifies their behaviors either.

    This is my stance. This is what I stand by.

    As I’ve said on my site, no one in the community should EVER blame someone with autism.

    The whole point of my post is for members to share their experiences so they can lean on one another and become BETTER at their role NOT use their feelings as a “pass” to commit horrible acts on someone.

    With social media I feel we must choose our words wisely and never use our “feelings” to justify actions that are 100% wrong. Parents, caregivers, or siblings who do do this are simply horrible human beings that need a lesson in empathy.

    I hope this clears things up and I’d love to continue this dialogue because no one on the spectrum ever deserves any violence towards them whatsoever and the perpetrators who commit these cowardly acts deserve NO sympathy whatsoever.


  2. Hi Eve,

    Also, I do not believe vaccines cause autism. The “doctor” who suggested this conducted a study with 12 children and the results were never replicated. I believe he lost his license as well and this is a harmful lie that is perpetuated among some anti-Vaccine groups.

    You wrote this in the title and then tagged my post, so I hope people would not assume I believe this because I do not.

    Thank you


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