From Sia To Saving Tower Theater: Rain Dove Chats With Eve Reiland | #ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics

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I’m feeling so fortunate to be heard! Recently, I reached out to Rain Dove on Instagram to share about the challenge we have in Fresno, California to protect our Arts & Culture community here in The Tower District.

Adventure Church is attempting to bully their way into the community by purchasing The Tower Theater. They know full well the zoning regulations don’t allow for a church in the Main Street designated for businesses, restaurants, entertainment and night life venues. They are attempting to circumvent the zoning and plant their anti-LGBTQIA church in the heart of our district. 

The theater has long been a symbol of acceptance, love and community for many of us in the Central Valley. Growing up different in this area is very difficult and the pressure for social conformity is extreme. The Tower Theater is in the heart of the district, and is the final hurrah of our Pride Parade and is the home of Reel Pride Festival.

Many thanks to Rain Dove for hearing me, and for giving me the opportunity to speak with them regarding this challenge that threatens to unravel the Arts & Community district and culture here. 

Also discussed is , Britney Spears documentary, Sia’s new movie “Music” and other Autistic activism and Divergent topics.

Rain Dove: An American gender non-conforming model, actor and activist.


TRANSCRIPT OF RAIN DOVE INTERVIEW (NOTE: In Progress & Transcribed to the best of my ability – Eve: See it here.)

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