Adventure Church: We Are Not Monsters, A Devil Or An Evil To Be Fought | Eve Reiland | #KeepTowerVibrant

Tower District is my home. This is my family’s community and we are not monsters.

We are a community. We are not an evil to be fought.

Now we’ve gone from being concerned residents about the effect this purchase will have on our art and cultural district to being evil … and really?

My family is not your spiritual battle nor your devil. How dare you relate us to evil and dehumanize and belittle us for your agenda. Smear us on radio and in interviews.

You are speaking about people, families, young people, seniors, all of us different but yet still quite human indeed. My family does not deserve your battle brought to our backyard. My family deserves to be treated with compassion respect and humanity just like yours. So do all the other families and neighbors here.

I’m not the devil. My husband is not the devil. My children aren’t the devil. We are humans and live here in this neighborhood with other humans. We have a right to be concerned about our beloved community and to have those concerns be treated with respect.

Now my family, my children, my husband, neighbors, business owners, friends and self are to be battled as evil ? All because these folks might not get what they want; a tower theater?

The Tower community, with residents, business owners and other faith communities, have worked hard to do our part and slow the spread of covid. Businesses have adapted and also suffered. Many suffer without work right now. It’s damn hard for everyone.

While this community has been diligently working hard to be in compliance, Adventure Church folks commute right in, park their cars and attend an event in a theater with a production. And blatantly flaunt the restrictions. It’s live-streamed too.

Then they tell us, the community here, how much good they’re going to do for us. Yes, they say that from the very stage that provides the lively hood for many here when we aren’t in a pandemic. Last Wednesday they even charged for their event.

We’re a community where the residents, businesses and other faith communities have worked so hard together to do our part and slow covid and have financially and otherwise suffered for it too. We still are …

And yet we’re the evil to be fought?

KeepTowerVibrant #SaveTowerTheater #towerdistrict #fresno


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