Life With Seizures & Other Neurological Oddities | Eve Reiland


Life with Functional Neurological Disorder. #autistiktok #fnd #pnes #ptsd #disabled with ❤️ @reilandmusic

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Just an average evening at our house here in Fresno, California. So much of these FND* episodes I don’t remember – though I know they are easier than before due to two new medications. For that I’m grateful. It takes less time to recover from them than before as well.

My husband, Bill, is with me for every seizure just like this. Since we’ve been together, he’s always right there when sees the signs. Bill, and my dogs, know before I do there’s an incoming … Nina is my large black dog and can be seen checking in on me in this video. I give her a snack.

This particular episode went about two hours. I average 2 – 3 seizures a day … they can be short in duration or take their time. In 2011 I was averaging 50 – 100 a day. It was constant and horrific. Then I wasn’t able to process the world and I wasn’t often unable to communicate and be understood. It’s been ten years since I triggered with FND.

Every tic, tremor, vocal tic, movement comes with pain. Incredible electric lightening-like pain. I’ve seen this condition said to be more painful than childbirth. Since I have both experiences, I agree. Only there’s no baby and there’s no ending.

In the early years, the confusion with FND and my symptoms, led others to think I was having emotional disturbances (feelings I guess?) that triggered these. That is not true. I can understand how they thought that – especially with the stigma and misinformation about FND they were receiving – it is sensory overload that is triggering the worst of these.

I’m most susceptible to having an episode when I’m tired or after I eat.


Functional Neurological Disorder (FND)

Psychogenic Non Epileptic Seizures (PNES)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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