What Are You Going To Do About Your Celebrity Bully Problem, @AutismSpeaks? Autistic Mother of Autistic Kids Asking

I was already NOT a fan of @AutismSpeaks in 2008. I am a mother of Autistic kids. I am Autistic.

William Shatner believes me to be ‘misguided’ about Autistic activism and, I suppose, raising my kids to be self-advocates, and making sure I state #AutisticAndProud so loudly the younger generation can find us and know they can have pride in themselves too? Make sure they know they aren’t a mistake with something missing, but a complete and valuable person?

47 (almost 48) years Autistic lived experience …

27 years of parenting Autistics experience …

Shatner … I don’t even think he’s played an Autistic on TV. .. … what, he’s read Autism Speaks tool kits and brochures for experience?

I’ve known Autism Speaks is awful since 2008. Super awful.

And now A$ Is claiming inclusion and want to take a stand against bullying , while still keeping the well-known celebrity Autism Speaks advocate (William Shatner) onboard with them? He’s the most famous Autistic bully of them all year-after-year-after-year.

What are you going to do about it Autism Speaks? I can’t believe you keep the association after the years of bullying, taunting and dehumanizing he does to our Autistic kids who are self-advocates. Now the blowhard is going off due to the Sia incident. And he’s straight up bullying Autistics into crisis.

Seriously, what are you going to do about it?

All Autistics deserve better than this.

Autism Speaks how long are you going to subject Autistic people to your celebrity bully in the name of autism advocacy?


… What I didn’t know in 08 yet, was the civil rights movement had already launched.

😉 #LightItUpGold #ActuallyAutistic #AllAutistics


Email from me to friend | Circa November 2008

I’m not a fan of Autism Speaks. Signed up for their walk before I realized really what they were about.

On the surface it sounds good — but with more understanding I can’t believe these folks are the loudest voice.

There has to be organizations out there promoting positive change. I prob sound nutty, but I think this is the next civil rights movement.

There are so many of our kids now and they will be a part of society — whether or not society likes it at this point. I can’t believe the discrimination that folks have.

Just blows my mind. It makes me really angry too.

#actuallyautistic #LightItUpGold

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