Snapshot | About Autism / Spectrum Disorders: The Politics of Autism and Vaccines | Circa February 26, 2009

   Autism / Spectrum Disorders
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 from Lisa Jo Rudy 
This week, yet again, the question of whether autism can be or is caused by vaccines is big news. A major article in Newsweek argues against a connection; a media blitz including a full-page ad in USA Today “breaks” news that the Vaccine Court has indeed made awards to families on the basis that vaccines led directly to Pervasive Developmental Disorder – a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.
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Newsweek’s Article on Autism and Vaccines 
A long article in Newsweek intends to prove the point that there’s no connection between autism and vaccines. But despite the author’s intent, the article isn’t terribly convincing.

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Media Blitz Claims Government Cover-ups and Lies 

According to David Kirby, RFK Jr., and Generation Rescue, the Vaccine Court has quietly awarded millions dollars to several families who have claimed a causal link between vaccines and “autism-like” symptoms. The gist of the story is that families who call their children’s disorders anything but “autism” can win major settlements, while those who actually use the term “autism” win… bupkus. 

 Tasering of a 14-Year Old with Autism 
Not long ago, a 14-year-old middle schooler with autism was shot twice with a taser by police. According to the story, the young man was “acting out” and school officials, instead of following the established educational plan, called 911. Here’s my response to an editorial on the event.

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